Smart & Casual: Lucy Nagle, Creative Director


Creative Director Lucy Nagle on the flexibility of WFH, comfort clothes and why she’ll always be an early bird …

I’ve always worked from home, and always had an office in the house, so lockdown didn’t change that much for me. I love the flexibility it gives me; I’m an early riser and often get up at 6am and get a good two hours done before anyone else is up, talking to my manufacturers in the Far East, and confirming orders and colours. I achieve a lot before 8am, then I have time to sort the kids out and get them to off to school.

We’ve been busier than we’ve ever been this year: our online store has grown, especially in the last six months, because more people turned to shopping online during lockdown. As a result, we’ve worked on expanding the website, and we’re working on our product range. We’re incorporating more variety, not just cashmere, with cotton blends and merino wool. We hope to stock more children’s clothes and homewares at some point. Working from home, comfort is key – I wear my cashmere lounge suit or a comfy pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a cashmere sweater. I’ll dress a little smarter for meetings, but my ethos is always smart casual.


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