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Seriously Sophisticated

A subdued and sophisticated kitchen marries very special materials and unusual accessories …

A Victorian redbrick project presented a unique opportunity for Maria MacVeigh of MMV Design to tackle a historical restoration alongside the addition of a superb contemporary extension which would house a magnificent kitchen. It was also an opportunity to invite the collaboration of another designer, Eoin Lyons of Lyons Kelly, whose experience in furniture, fabrics and interior finishes were to complement her strengths in architecture, layout, space, interiors and fine-detailing. Photographs by Barbara Corsico.

The kitchen, described by designer Maria MacVeigh as “subdued and sophisticated”, features a four-metre island and cabinetry from Bulthaup by Realm. “Knowing my clients so well, I understood that while this was a big house, the emphasis would be on the family gathering, on a daily basis, and for parties, in a series of interconnecting rooms that would draw them to the kitchen, ultimately to the island, where cooking and conversation would happen.”

The Sienna marble floor, inspired by London’s Hotel Cafe? Royal, was supplied by Antica, the Stone Gallery. Thanks to new, never-ending marble colour options available, this highly functional and decorative flooring material has stepped out from the background and into the spotlight.

Need to clear the air? Do it in style with a standout cooker hood. The patinated antique glass extractor, engineered specifically for the volume of space, was designed by MacVeigh who also detailed the dropped ceiling to create a layered effect.

When ordinary pendant lights won’t do the trick, a truly special piece will elevate a kitchen space instantly. The lighting throughout is by Shadowlight.

The minimalist Bulthaup stainless-steel kitchen offers linear efficiency and is built to last.

Over the last few years, the kitchen larder has transformed into the pantry. Some are large enough to house the majority of your food, others smaller to keep tableware organised, leaving vital kitchen cupboard space free.


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