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3 weeks ago

See Inside This Ibizan Hideaway

Grace Jones famously said, “I’d love to stay on this island of madness,” but there are some surprisingly serene, secluded corners too. This house is in the old town …

If you had to summarise Ibiza in a single word, it would be contrast. (Boho-chic) Hippies and the internationally rich and famous live side by side. Blakstad fincas (named after Canadian Rolph Blakstad) and unique modern houses stand in sharp contrast. But anything goes and every house blends into the island’s landscape in its own way.

Tucked away in one of the narrow streets of Ibiza Dalt Vila (the old city centre) is this green oasis. A house that beguiles not through extreme luxury but with its charm, hanging gardens and unlikely location for a holiday home: the city centre.

The house was originally divided into two separate floors. However the part above the living room was sacrificed to make more space and to allow outside light to flood the room. The presence of the large fireplace in the living area creates a sense of grandeur, making this house a cosy place to be in winter.

Through the clever use of contrasts, the owners succeeded in giving the interior character. The French empire-style chandelier contrasts with the sculptured Indonesian planter, while different hand-embroidered Afghan cushions add a lively touch to the the classic white cotton chairs.

In the bedroom, classic furniture mixes with an ethnic plaid and ditto wall covering. Plants give the impression of being thrown from the ceiling, creating the impression that the garden flows over into the interior of the house. The garden itself is a carefully orchestrated chaos of pot plants, hanging plants and flowers. Against the wall stand a wooden bench, and a few small, low tables where you can sit to relax and enjoy the flora and fauna.

From: Life is Ibiza: People, Houses, Life by Anne Poelmans, published by Lannoo.


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