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This Jewellery Trend Is Set To Be Huge For Summer

It’s all about delicate rings (emphasis on plural) that nod to everyday luxury …

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While ring stacks often go in and out of the fashion zeitgeist, there’s something about the milieu of styles we’re seeing worn right now – a delicate confectionary of pavé and baguette diamonds, golds and platinums, even a flash of a coloured stone – that is heavy on appeal. Perhaps it’s because we’ve finally stopped stashing our finery to wear only on special occasions. Whether you’re scrolling Instagram, admiring the frostings worn in a buzzy casual dining spot on a Tuesday night, or the stacking collection of the woman next to you in the queue for coffee, the edict is clear: rings are the coolest way to show your fashion nous right now. What’s more, daintily stacked rings are a nod to the joy of everyday luxury.

The Diamond Expert. 

A good stack is all about mixing textures, shapes and colours. “Start with one statement piece, such as a diamond eternity band. Then you could add a solid gold band, followed by an eternity ring with different shaped diamonds or different coloured stones,” says Rhona Fitzpatrick, who founded The Diamond Expert, an online store for luxurious bespoke and ready-to-wear jewellery. Equally, there are a host of rings coming to the fore that nod to the stacking look, offering two or three rings in one. The brand’s Criss Cross ring, €950, pictured above, features two bands of claw-set diamonds which delicately intersect. 


In a similar vein, the 9 carat gold Three Row Black Spinella Wire Ring, €250, pictured above, by Irish jeweller MoMuse caters to the love of multiple rings. While style influencer Leandra Medine Cohen once coined the phrase ‘arm party’ for her much-loved hodgepodge of bracelets and bangles perhaps this is the (tasteful) equivalent with rings.

Natasha Sherling.

One thing to bear in mind when stacking is the carat of your rings. Ideally, you shouldn’t mix them. Jeweller and gemologist Natasha Sherling explains why: “It’s advisable to pair the same carats together – firstly the colours will look the same and, secondly, so they wear in the same way. If you are stacking rings and you have a 9 carat wedding band rubbing off an 18 carat engagement ring, the wedding band will eat into the engagement ring over time and pose a threat to the durability of the prongs,” she says. In case you were curious, the same rule applies to necklaces. “We’ve seen people pairing an 18 carat pendant with a 9 carat chain because the chain will be a better price – but it’s a false economy: as that pendant swings up and down on the chain, the chain will eat through the pendant bail and you will potentially lose your pendant,” she says. Sherling’s New York ring, €275, pictured above, in 9 carat gold (originally a bespoke piece Sherling brought it into her ready-to-wear range due to customer demand) is designed specifically for stacking: its tapered shape would reside perfectly next to a solitaire.   


Another brand to know? The style set flock to luxury jewellery brand Mejuri, which is all about fine jewellery to be worn every day. The brand’s 14 carat gold Duo ring, $298, is a pre-made stack that looks effortlessly chic.


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