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Pump Up The Volume


Facing the future with a boost of wonder ingredient, hyaluronic acid …

As we face up to challenging times and looming winter, we could do with a lift. Irish skincare clinics are now re-open, and many people are turning to aesthetic experts for treatments that deliver immediate results.

As we get older, our faces change due to reduced facial fat, loss of bone support and deterioration of collagen and elastin supplies. We start to notice a loss of volume in the face; volume loss becomes evident as structural support from bone, muscles and fat pads change with time. And skincare can only take us so far. If you are considering taking a step further when it comes to skin treatments, the BELOTERO® portfolio of fillers offers personal treatments tailored to your specific requirements. They are designed for those wanting skin rejuvenation without losing their individuality. So whether you want to enhance specific facial features, change facial proportions or restore natural features lost with age, this is a subtle option.

Last year, the BELOTERO® Lip Rejuvenation Treatment launched into Ireland. And now BELETERO® Volume has arrived. An injectable dermal filler, BELOTERO® Volume works beneath the skin to reduce the visible signs of ageing – leaving you with results that speak volumes.


BELOTERO® is a gel form of hyaluronic acid, and a versatile filler that’s used to treat both small lines and deep creases effectively.


We’ve all read by now about wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid – which is naturally occurring in our skin and can hold up to a thousand times its own weight in water. But it decreases as we get older. Which is where BELOTERO® Volume comes in. Using a gel form of hyaluronic acid, it helps to support collagen and elastin, restore lost fat volume and mimic bone support.

With filler treatments, many people are wary about looking overdone. BELOTERO® Volume works by supporting the tissues as they age and enhancing the cheeks and chin. The treatment is based on a unique 3D volume effect and technology, giving a natural-looking appearance. Its main benefits are the restoration of facial volume in cheeks and cheekbones, chin and facial volume loss. BELOTERO® Volume integrates smoothly into your tissues, providing natural projection and volumisation, and blending in.

“BELOTERO® Volume is a powerful volumiser due to its concentration of hyaluronic acid,” notes Anna Gunning, Clinical Director, Laser & Skin Clinics and Merz Innovation Partner. “A unique dermal filler technology that has the ability to be moulded into shape to create natural contours and restore facial volumes within minutes with lasting effects. BELOTERO® dermal filler technology is unique in the way it naturally integrates into your skin to subtly enhance your facial contours, without disrupting your natural facial contours or expressions. Although a synthetic product, BELOTERO® Volume is the closest to your own natural skin components, which allows for gentle integration within the tissue – and with minimal downtime after treatment. All Belotero Dermal Fillers have added lidocaine which enhances your treatment comfort and lasts until after the injection.”


Clinical studies reveal that BELOTERO® Volume patients were satisfied with volumising results that lasted up to 18 months, felt the treatment showed a natural-looking result and would repeat and recommend the treatment to friends. As Dublin-based Cosmetic Doctor Dr Lisa Fay notes, “BELOTERO® is a dermal filler that gets excellent results.”

As well as giving skin a subtle volume boost, it can hydrate the skin, and Anna Gunning finds that it’s most effective on areas such as cheeks, temples, jawline and the chin area. “Results are instant and I know that with BELOTERO® Volume I can achieve long-lasting results,” she says. “My clients prefer to maintain a natural look while restoring facial volume loss which I can confidently achieve with BELOTERO® Volume.”

BELOTERO® Volume is a bespoke treatment and is available in many of Ireland’s leading Aesthetic clinics. For more information and to find your nearest clinic in Ireland visit www.merz-aesthetics.co.uk.


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