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2 months ago

On Hand: The Bargain Hand Gel That Works Wonders


Make-up artist Leonard Daly on the sanitiser that will help save your hands and nails …

Something that I have been investing in this year is proper handcare. I don’t think we will ever not have a hand sanitiser in every bag and pocket we own from now on. But at the start of having to use them constantly, everyone’s hands were in bits: mine were cracking at the joints and were sore. So as soon as better hand sanitisers were available, I invested in some. I have always used Margaret Dabbs hand sanitiser in my work kit, as it smells amazing and doesn’t dry out your skin at all – magical stuff. But I found that it was interfering with my fragrance, so I wanted to find one that worked well and felt the same but didn’t have such a strong, although lovely, smell.

I came across Spanish brand Skeyndor’s sanitiser recently. When the pandemic hit Spain last year, the brand halted production on all its other products and focused on this. It was approved for use in hospitals in Spain, so it has the appropriate amount of alcohol to kill all germs, but most importantly does not dry out your hands or cause any irritation. The amount of people suffering from contact dermatitis and eczema has skyrocketed in the past six months because of the use of strong sanitisers, so something like this could be a good investment. And it is priced at €15.90 for a giant 500ml bottle which comes with a pump so is easy to decant to smaller bottles for bags and pockets. Available from www.edvardandpink.ie in Dundrum, and Skeyndor stockists nationwide.


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