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Nuala Woulfe Knows Good Skin



Now beauty salons are open again, what are you most keen to book in for? For many, a good facial is the first stop, to give our skin a proper deep-down cleanse; others will be looking to non-surgical treatments to refresh and reset for the summer. We want to put our faces in good hands, and Nuala Woulfe’s Nu Aesthetics Skin Clinic and Serenity Day Spa, both in Glasthule village, are the insider’s choice. Nuala Woulfe has more than 35 years of experience and knowledge, and her highly trained team can offer everything from a manicure to laser treatments.

So what treatments are in demand after months of lockdown? Woulfe has seen a big rise in people booking in for Botox. “People are looking for the wow factor,” she notes. “They’ve been cocooned and I think eye treatments in particular are going to be big, with people wearing masks and spending long hours in front of computers. Heaviness of skin round eyes can be countered with well-done, minimal Botox, while microcurrent treatment around the eyes can help too.”

Skin pick-me-ups

Woulfe says she is not a fan of “hardcore treatments to reignite the skin – some things can make skin sensitive later on.” Instead, she recommends RadioFrequency, a non-surgical tightening and contouring treatment for the face and body. Using energy to stimulate the skin’s production of collagen and elastin, it’s ideal to target lines, wrinkles and loose skin around the neck and eyes, or for stretchmarks and cellulite on the body. “In connection with good skincare, this can make a difference even after one or two sessions. It’s a great pick-me-up and you’ll see great results after a short session.” Try RadioFrequency Skin Firming Treatments from €150 for face; face and neck €200.

Many of us have experienced skin flare-ups during the past few months. Woulfe says: “LED light therapy just makes everything better. A boost of light encourages production of serotonin and melanin. It’s very good at bringing down inflammation and even acne, so it’s ideal for reactive skin.” Try the Antyage LED Light Therapy Facial 30 min from €70.

Another popular treatment is microneedling. “It makes skin bright, glossy and healthy. It helps to improves the texture of the skin and you’ll see visible results on fine lines and acne scarring.” Try Rejuvapen microneedling from €250.

Consider your basics

A customised facial is an ideal first step to kick-starting a new skincare routine, and establishing what your skin really needs. Woulfe stresses the need to clean your skin properly: “Nothing compares with a good stimulating cleansing massage. Spend a good 60 seconds massaging cleanser into your skin and chest. Wash your face cloth after each use – they are a haven for bacteria – in a non-bio washing powder (often it’s not a skincare product that’s irritating your skin but a fabric softener).”

“With hydration, it’s not just about wearing a thick moisturiser. You want a product to do more than offer hydration. Look to lighter textures and take up to 1,000mg fish oil a day. In many cases I encourage people to decrease moisturiser and consider their diet, for better hydration.”

Focus on the eyes

“For the eye area, I recommend the SkinCeuticals AGE, and AOX Gel which is good for puffiness, with caffeine to help with microcirculation and antioxidant phloretin to deal with pigmentation. Both target glycation – excess sugar in the diet causing crisscross lines. I’m not a huge fan of overly heavy eye creams as they can end up in your eye – avoid using creams on eyelids, and always wipe off any excess to avoid any trapped moisture on the crease, which can lead to occlusive dermatitis. Also, don’t forget sun protection around the eyes – there are good mineral-based ones now that don’t migrate or seep into the eyes. SkinCeuticals do a good tinted SPF that works well as a make-up base and concealer and is ideal for around the eye area as it stays in place.”

Make it personal

To upgrade your skincare, Woulfe is recommending the newly launched SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E. serum to clients: “Following a consultation, we can create something absolutely personalised for your skin, with high-end ingredients that are specific to your needs. It contains no preservatives, it’s all actives, freshly made, with high concentrations.”

“Less is more with everything in skincare,” says Woulfe. “Everyone is looking for youth in a jar, but make sure you spend your money on products that have been clinically proven.” And an expert skin consultation and advice is a vital first step.

Nuala Woulfe Nu Aesthetics Skin Clinic and Serenity Day Spa, 4C Glasthule Road, Sandycove, Co Dublin, www.nualawoulfe.ie


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