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Meet The Couple Behind 2 Star Michelin Restaurant Aimsir

Cornwall-born Jordan Bailey is former head chef at three-star Michelin Maaemo in Oslo, prior to which he was a key member of the prestigious two-star Michelin restaurant Sat Bains. His Danish wife Majken Bech honed her skills at the two-star Michelin restaurant Henne Kirkeby Kro, where they met. Majken was working front of house and Jordan was dining as a guest and left with Majken’s phone number! As newlyweds, they moved to Ireland in 2018 and spent months exploring food producers and ingredients – vital research for their groundbreaking restaurant concept Aimsir, in which they wanted an all-island larder. Aimsir opened at Cliff at Lyons last year.

“There are many ups and down when starting a business, no matter who your partner is,” says Jordan. “As this is our first venture together, we don’t have too much to compare it with but neither believes we could have done it without the other.” A mere four months after opening they were awarded not one but two Michelin stars for Aimsir – the fastest ever straight-to-two-star for any restaurant in the history of the Guide in Great Britain and Ireland, something which Bailey still can’t quite believe: “We never thought Aimsir would even be on their radar in 2019. It has been a huge surprise and we are so thankful that Michelin took the time to come out to visit us.” Bailey is grateful to his hardworking team adding: “None of this would have been possible without the support from our wonderful guests and our amazing and passionate Irish suppliers. Ireland should be very proud of what they have in this country – I know we certainly are.”

Who is the early riser, the night owl? Majken is definitely the early riser and I am the night owl. The money-minded one? Before getting into the restaurant industry we both studied business at university so I would say we are both money-minded. The creative lead? Obviously when it comes to food that’s where I get creative, but Majken can make magic with everything else! Especially when it comes to front of house service. The here-and-nower, the futurist? Majken likes to have a plan for everything and think about the future, but I live in the moment, which is why we balance each other so well. Who blows, and who stews? I’m the one who has the blow-ups whereas Majken can keep things bottled up and sit with it for a while. Who makes the coffee? Majken. She’s the best! The extrovert, the introvert? Majken is definitely the extrovert. She loves talking to people and has such a way with everyone. That’s why she is amazing at what she does. I like to shy away in the corner and just keep myself to myself. Who’s the Instagrammmer? It’s Jordan, when he has the time. Which one of you is always right? Nobody. We always talk it out. 


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