Looking For Enlightenment? This New Range Turns The Light On In Your Skin


The new Nutri-Lumière range from Clarins puts the spotlight on pro-ageing and brings back luminosity with the help of clinically proven powerful natural ingredients …

As the leaves start to fall, things are feeling very autumnal. This time of year always makes us think of horse chestnut trees and shiny brown conkers, and this year they have more resonance than ever as symbols of longevity, rebirth and a new season. And this autumn, the horse chestnut is the power behind Clarins’ Nutri-Lumière, a new pro-ageing skincare range. Designed to celebrate mature women who are not defined by their age and live life to the full, Nutri-Lumière has been formulated to restore radiance in nutrient-depleted skin. Specially formulated for women aged 60-plus, this new skincare routine will reveal your light, using powerful natural ingredients to deliver luminosity and vitality.

Two of the key ingredients in the Nutri-Lumière formulas are sourced from the horse chestnut. Utilising 65 years of expertise in the art of formulation, Clarins Research has innovated by combining powerful extracts from both the flower (which are harvested by hand) and fruit of the horse chestnut. And this innovative formula provides unique pro-ageing nutrition.

It has taken Clarins Laboratories three years of research and development, 240 formulation tests and close collaboration with three scientific institutions to discover the cause of damage to the micro-nutrient network in nutrient-depleted skin after the age of 60. This “youth network” helps to continuously nourish the skin with water and nutrients, which are diffused in the dermal matrix before reaching cells. And at this stage of life, ageing fibroblasts affect the healthy functioning of this network, leading to a loss of radiance and vitality in the skin.


As well as the revitalising horse chestnut duo helping skin to regain its full luminosity, the Nutri-Lumière range features other powerful research-driven ingredients – in fact, 17 exceptional plant extracts – that deliver added benefits. Organic wakame extract from the “seaweed of life” (a key food in the Okinawa diet, believed to contribute to exceptional longevity) helps to keep the skin supple. Organic harungana extract is known for both its replenishing power and its capacity to improve the skin’s density, helping to smooth the look of wrinkles and improve skin firmness. Organic leaf of life encourages the natural hydration of the skin, while organic desert date extract helps to even skintone. In the night cream, huang qi leaf extract preserves skin against impurities linked to oxidative damage, encouraging brighter-looking skin. Along with flower acids, ginseng and green coffee, Clarins’ anti-pollution complex, containing three powerful plant extracts, helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of pollution.



So what’s in the range? First prep your skin with Nutri-Lumière Treatment Essence (€65): in tests, 96 per cent found that skin is better preparepd for skincare applied afterwards*. Then choose from a revitalizing, oil-infused Nutri-Lumière Day Cream (€109), or the Nutri-Lumière Day Fluid (€109), a lightweight emulsion, depending on your skin’s needs. Finally, the nourishing Nutri-Lumière Night Cream (€115), with a melting, sensorial texture, means that your skin looks fresher when you wake up in the morning: 86 per cent of testers agreed**. And if you’re already a devotee of Clarins’ multi-award-winning Double Serum, this serum combines beautifully with the Nutri-Lumière range – simply prep with the Essence, apply your Double Serum, and finish with the Day Cream or Fluid.

“For 87% of women, Nutri-Lumière significantly reactivates the skin’s luminosity.***”


Properly nourished skin is luminous skin, and Nutri-Lumière has clinically proven effectiveness. Clarins Laboratories tested the effectiveness of the range by measuring the skin’s luminance index, a combination of the light reflected by the epidermis and re-emitted by the dermis. After one month’s use of Nutri-Lumière Jour, the skin’s luminance index increase significantly by +12%****.


Clarins is committed to responsible and sustainable beauty. The Nutri-Lumière range features ten plants obtained from organic farming. The Day and Night products come in glass jars made of 25 per cent recycled glass, while the Renewing Treatment Essence bottle is made of 25 per cent recycled plastic. The cardboard of the cartons is sourced from sustainably-managed forests. And for the organic leaf of life and harungana extracts, Clarins has developed a fair trade programme in Madagascar in partnership with Jardins du Monde. Since 2003, Jardins du Monde has been working to preserve and reintroduce the use of traditional medicinal plants among local communities without access to conventional medicine.

For more information about the Nutri-Lumière range, see www.Clarins.ie. Nutri-Lumière is available in Arnotts and Brown Thomas, on www.Clarins.ie, and at pharmacies and counters nationwide.

* Satisfaction test – 110 women – after 28 days of use
**Satisfaction test – 111 women – upon waking, after 28 days of use.
***Tested on 111 women, after 14 days using the day and night duo.
****Clinical test – 30 women.


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