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Little Gems: Honour Wainwright Shares Her Most Treasured Jewellery Pieces

Honour Wainwright, marketing manager for Boodles, on the jewellery she always wears…

Wedding Band “This wedding band belonged to my grandmother and now I wear it on my pinky finger. What makes this ring especially meaningful is the remarkable coincidence that it hails from Boodles, despite originating from the non- Boodles side of my family. It’s a cherished heirloom, having been passed down from my grandmother to my mother, who recently entrusted it to me. It highlights the enduring power of heirlooms and the unique emotional value that jewellery can have. These pieces bridge generations and encapsulate memories, serving as tangible connections to a family’s past.”

Raindance Ring “This is the first Boodles piece I owned; my parents gave it to me on my 21st birthday. The Raindance ring is Boodles’ most iconic piece, and was handpicked by the V&A Museum’s jewellery curator as an icon of British design for its permanent exhibition. I get more compliments about this than any other piece I own.”

Be You Bangle “This bracelet was the first Boodles piece I ever bought, following my grandfather’s passing. It never leaves my wrist, and I’ve had the initials of all four of my grandparents engraved on the inside, so they are always by my side.”

Grandmothers Watch “My most cherished piece of jewellery, this watch was handed down from my grandmother’s mother; I’ll pass it on to one of my children some day. Each time I glance at it, I’m reminded of my grandmother, as she wore it every day.” Piaget watch, passed down to Wainwright by her grandmother.

“I adore layering the Beach necklace with other jewellery, and I rarely part with it because it’s incredibly versatile.”


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