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Kit Out Your Kitchen With These TikTok-Trending Gadgets

Here are some of TikTok’s favourite kitchen gadgets to make kitchen preparation fun, easy … and aesthetic

Main Image; Noel Dempsey Kitchens

Kitchen gadgets are pieces of machinery that we may not necessarily need, but are certainly items we can be easily influenced to buy. They make our cooking time faster and more enjoyable and encourage those of us who are seriously tempted by ordering in to DIY it! If you need any more temptation, take a scroll through TikTok where you’ll find each of these gadgets come into their own with millions of users singing their praises.


A coffee machine is a kitchen must. The evidence on TikTok would suggest that there is no better way to start your working day than an allotted time for you and your cup of coffee; romanticise it. With inflation prices soaring, it is eco-friendly, cheaper and cosier to have coffee at home or pop it in your keep cup to take on the go.

The new Nespresso Vertuo Pop Coffee Pod Machine (€49) is a worthy contender when choosing your coffee machine. This machine has state-of-the-art connectivity features so it will never slow you down at home before a morning commute to work or your WFH desk. The machine is available in six vibrant colours, from Spicy Red to Pacific Blue, allowing you to add a pop of colour to your kitchen with a distinct style statement. Coffee machine – check!


At this point, an air fryer has been either seriously considered or bought in most households. It is fast, easy to clean, temperature regulated, compact and healthier than frying on a pan – what is not to love? As seen on TikTok, the air fryer makes it easy to recreate your favourite restaurant dishes at home, too.

The Ninja 3.8L Air Fryer (€159) is a great device to start with. In one compact machine, there are four functions to choose from; air fry, roast, reheat and dehydrate. Using the Ninja can result in up to 75 per cent less fat than traditional frying methods making it a healthier alternative to traditional frying. You can pop everything in the cooking drawer, from roast vegetables and crispy chips to succulent chicken, all with the same flavour, just less oil. It has got people cooking again (or for the first time) just check TikTok, where you’ll also find so many handy air fryer recipes.


A water carbonator is a sparkling water maker, a cool, compact, countertop gadget that is great for entertaining and more eco-friendly than outsourcing.

Engineered in Stockholm, the Aarke Carbonator Pro (€300) is a unique sparkling water maker in stainless steel, with a sturdy, dishwasher safe glass bottle. This machine incorporates a simple one-handed operation with its innovative push-to-lock feature for a great carbonation experience. It is as easy as placing the bottle in the base, pushing down the cover, the water will carbonate, you release and enjoy!


A built in oven and microwave function is all the rage now. While most people are using it as part of their combo oven, it is a wonderful piece of machinery itself. The ‘done thing’ is to place this combo oven at eye level amongst the cabinetry. It is neat and also leaves room on the counter for other kitchen gadgets!

The Siemens black built-in oven with steam and microwave function is a great choice. It affords the user excellent cooking in less time, effortless oven cleaning, easy fingertip control and the ability to bake evenly using up to four levels at once. The oven interior is illuminated energy-efficiently with multi-level LED lighting.


A precision cooker is a kitchen gadget you certainly never knew you needed. Whether you’re cooking a fillet of fish or a substantial number of steaks for a family gathering, this cooker can do it all perfectly.

The Avona Culinary AN500 Professional Sous Vide Precision cooker device acts as a ‘poolside oven’ so to speak. You begin by filling a pot or container with water and place it on a heat-surface or trivet, away from counter edges. You attach the Anova Cooker Pro to the pot by adjusting the rear screw, then you plug in your cooker, start cooking and use the display to start your cook and set the timer. It is perfect for easy, stress free and clean cooking – with delicious results.


Although waffle makers have been around since what feels like forever, they have made a comeback on social media and are hot stuff again! With Instagram reels of people frying eggs, toasting croissants, making brownies and even burgers, to name but a few, suddenly a waffle maker seems like something one would like to play around with.

With the goal of experimentation in mind, The No-Mess waffle maker (€134) is the ideal device. This classic circular waffle maker solves batter splatter. Waffle batter doubles in sizes when it is cooked, so this circular moat in the maker catches and cooks excess batter, with the purpose of no waste, no mess. The features on this waffle maker make it all the more exciting, with seven settings to work with you can enjoy light and fluffy or golden and crispy, whatever you are in the mood for. Sunday brunch sorted!


This one certainly does what it says on the tin. Whatever you are preparing in the kitchen, this vegetable chopper speeds your preparation time up. This handy, portable device is adored online, with many reaction videos circulating of amazed new owners.

The Good Grips vegetable chopper (€30) has a stainless steel blade pattern and recessed cutting area to keep food in place. The lid provides leverage, while vegetables collect in the container beneath that has a wide opening to allow you to easily pour them out when finished.


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