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A First Look At The New Kate Moss Line, Cosmoss

Do you “self-care” enough to spend €24 on teabags? …

There’s been a lot of coverage about the new Kate Moss line, Cosmoss, this weekend. We haven’t seen the items in real life so far, but learn that it’s a collection of “uncomplicated self care for life’s modern journeys” featuring skincare (cleanser €60, face cream €110 and CBD Oil Drops, €120) to tea bags, Dawn and Dusk, €24 each. According to the press release, Cosmoss is “a place where wellness and hedonism coexist”. It is, naturally, vegan-friendly and in moss-green packaging. So is it Goop, with added grit?

The pictures are Moss at her best, the packaging looks pretty, and the collection is apparently designed to reflect “Kate’s personal daily rituals”. We are told that “At dawn, Kate’s daily rituals start with a cleansing Dawn Tea followed by meditation and yoga…” etc. It’s all sounding rather Gwyneth. Does no-one famous have a lie-in anymore? Don’t you miss the days when it was more like two Marlboro reds and an espresso? Moss was all about festivals and late nights, bedhead hair, smudged eyeliner and fur coats over diaphanous dresses. We all have to grow up some time, and absolutely admire her teetotal take of several years now, but I do feel like there are enough people telling us how to find “inner peace and balance” and tracing their journeys. We have always relied on Kate for glamour, obstinacy and the most recalcitrant fun, all with no regrets. Where have all the wild things gone?

In fact, the quoted daily rituals may not be set in stone. I enjoyed the Guardian’s note that, in an interview with US Vogue, Moss “smoked two cigarettes while talking about the benefits of her Golden Nectar CBD oil”. It should also be noted that she was unveiled as the UK creative director of Diet Coke just a few months ago … Moss has always been someone who did things her own way. Which is why whatever she does (or wears) piques such interest. She has a huge and wicked sense of humour, and has never claimed to be perfect; this line plays to current trends and endless quests for “wellness”. We should not take any of this too seriously.

And each to their own – if wellness for you means €24 teabags, then fair enough, though we know of MANY exquisite quiet blends that are really just as relaxing, and are both Irish and organic into the bargain, such as Clement & Pekoe’s divine Chamomile flowers (€5.50), and The Burren Perfumery’s six blends (€9.50).

Looking at the skincare online, the serum is essentially coconut and sunflower seed oils, with some CBD in there, and a few other seed extracts. It’ll smell lovely, no doubt, with rosemary too, but again, €120 feels expensive. Still, the Sacred Mist perfume (€140), does sound rather lovely, with orange flower and bergamot, jasmine, tuberose and geranium, with a base of – naturally – oak moss, cedarwood and tonka. Perhaps in real life all of it is extraordinary and exquisite, and worth hurting your bank balance in order to heal your inner peace …

Have a look and see what you think …



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