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Just One Look: Try The Power Of A Punchy Lip

We’re trying a statement lip for the new season, inspired by simone rocha’s aw23 catwalk beauty look ..

This shot of Simone Rocha’s catwalk beauty look for AW23 (make-up by Thomas de Kluyver at Art Partner) makes us want to strip off all make-up and simply wear just a striking lip colour – pinky-geranium, carefully defined and matte in texture. The play between the ultra-clean and glowy skin and the almost powdery pink of the lips is just very fresh, and gives a different spin on autumn beauty, which tends to veer towards the gothic (great in a different way), with all the black cherries and smudgy eyeliner.

Simone Rocha AW23 photographed by Daniel Sims.

I like the make-up artist’s description of the make-up for this show having a “worn-in quality” – a bit of smudging in and blotting off is always interesting. And the lip texture reminds me of the lip powders Chanel did as part of their fabulous Neapolis, Naples-inspired collection back in SS18 (I hoard one still); they capture this effect perfectly (and in wonderfully offbeat colours). Shade-wise, this refillable Hermès lipstick in Rose Magenta looks a pretty good match, and has just the right velvety texture. Charlotte Tilbury’s matte lipstick in The Queen is close, too.

Rose Magenta lipstick, €73, Hermès.

The Queen lipstick, €34, Charlotte Tilbury.

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