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It’s all or nothing, and you’re all in. The science is there, so why not make the most of it? As an early adopter, you believe in keeping up with the very latest in cutting-edge anti-ageing technology, from lasers to fillers and everything in between.

If you’re going down the fillers route, Marie-Hélène Lair sounds a note of caution: “First, you should choose a qualified dermatologist, with the ability to do an efficient massage after injections in order to spread fillers homogeneously. Then, skin moisturisation is key to keeping the skin plumped and velvety; in fact skincare has a wonderful action on the upper layers and surface of skin, complimentary to fillers. And of course, don’t forget sun protection to keep skin safe.”

One consultant dermatologist I spoke to spoke of her worries seeing “younger and younger girls having fillers – I have seen people in their 20s who’ve had them. Fillers have a role, but need to be used in the right hands, by medical professionals – you need someone experienced if they go wrong or you have a bad reaction.” She has also seen patients who have suffered adverse reactions to lip fillers and lipstick tattoos.


We want to know what Teresa Tarmey is doing most at the moment: she is facialist to Kate Moss, Julianne Moore and Sienna Miller, with clinics in London and New York. If you’re more “mid level”, her pre-red carpet facials combine “all that one’s skin may need without laser”, such as radio frequency and cryotherapy to sculpt, light lactic peel to brighten skin and LED for radiance. But she’s really known as the queen of laser.

“I love making a difference and that’s what laser does. I treat extremely carefully and slowly, take my time with certain issues and get to know the client’s skin first. What’s good about laser is that you always see a difference after just one session. We also do cryo and LED. But my favourite treatment right now is fractional radio frequency by Venus Concept. It’s a little harsher but super safe. It’s incredible for scarring, rejuvenation – basically a new skin. It’s like a stronger version of microneedling which I’ve always been a huge fan of.” Tarmey will be holding exclusive skincare consultations in Dublin early in 2020. For details email [email protected];


Microblading is a more permanent option for brows. These are essentially tattoos but using pigment not ink, so it will break down eventually. Colour lasts up to three years, and can be adjusted each year according to hair colour and skintone. Lorna Farrelly stresses the need for personal recommendations. Leonard Daly also rates Kim O’Sullivan at The Dublin Makeup Academy for more permanent brow options. 34 Fitzwilliam Street Upper, Dublin 2.

Several top-flight Irish faces and celebrities head to Dr Rita Rakus; she is known for technology from ultrasound for neck tightening to lip enhancement, Thermage (non-surgical facelift) and Ultherapy at her Knightsbridge clinic.

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