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I’m A Fashion Buyer And I Predict This Will Be The Next It Bag

Head of Womenswear at Browns Heather Gramston waxes lyrical about summer’s new mood, the best brands for everyday luxury and the It bag to buy now …

Main image: Instagram @rosylmejia.

What is the most important trend of spring summer 2022 and why will it be so popular, in your opinion? 

We saw a real return to sexy this season; it was the overarching trend from the spring summer 2022 shows and it still feels very much the mood of the moment, as we take the opportunity to dress up and embrace going out again.

What’s so great about this trend is that it’s possible to embrace it to varying degrees. You can opt in for a small amount of subtle skin-baring or go all-out with extreme cut-out detailing. Customers have appreciated how this ultra-feminine way of dressing celebrates all bodies: with sheer fabrics, micro-minis and striking bodysuits aplenty there’s definitely ways in which we can all incorporate a bit of this trend into our wardrobes.

What’s the one brand from Browns that you wear on repeat? Tell us how you style it in your day-to-day wardrobe.

Wardrobe NYC is my go-to brand for foundation-building pieces. Their perfect essentials are a mainstay in my wardrobe. I love KNWLS for mesh co-ords, and Lizzie Mandler for gold jewellery.

What’s the one key piece you can’t stop thinking about this season? 

I’m excited about getting my hands on a corset this season — either a Dion Lee crochet style or a hook and eye version from MISBHV. I’ll be wearing it with my much-loved Dion Lee cargo trousers. I love this juxtaposition.

 Le Cagole mini-leather shoulder bag, Balenciaga, €950; www.brownsfashion.com

Every season has an It bag – what is the It accessory of spring summer 2022? 

It would be hard to talk about ‘It’ accessories this season without referencing the recent obsession with Balenciaga’s Le Cagole bag — it was on the arm of many editors and influencers during the autumn winter 2022 fashion shows. I have a black version, but I also love the metallic ones.

How has the pandemic changed how your customer consumes and wears fashion? Can you talk us through a few of the most popular pieces you’re seeing amongst your customers right now? 

Sexiness quickly emerged as a key trend — the ideal tonic to ‘cosy’, which we all adopted during the pandemic. Following months of comfort pandemic dressing, our customers have been excited to reach for something more glamorous and more daring following months of comfort pandemic dressing. That being said, party shoes from the likes of Amina Muaddi and MACH & MACH sold consistently over the last two years, and this has now evolved to our customers investing in full looks and dressing up to go out. 


Heather Gramston, Head of Womenswear at Browns.

You’ve a wealth of experience visiting the fashion capitals and buying collections. What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve picked up from those experiences inside the world of fashion? Style isn’t solely about trends, more finding what you feel good in. A good outfit can make my day!

What’s the one trend you’ve enjoyed the most over the last few seasons? Our customer is very much enjoying the extended Y2K trend and a return to dressing up. The minimal trend has swung to maximal!

Finish the sentence, ‘Style is’: … something that transcends seasons and trends — it’s personal.


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