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This Is How To Style Jeans This Season, According To The Fashion Pack

From flares to super wide-legged jeans, here is how we’ll be styling ours …

Let’s face it: skinny jeans are on hiatus right now in the fashion world. While we’ve been aware of this for some time, it sometimes can be hard to make the transition to other styles of jeans, particularly when winter rolls around. Leg lengths are, naturally, longer due to the cold and we can no longer pair jeans and sandals, leaving us to crack the combination that is wide jeans and boots. Without being prescriptive, there are a few ways to dress for each silhouette whether your jeans are super-wide, boot-cut or flared. See our inspirational guide below. 

Main image: Instagram @erika_boldrin.

A boot-cut leg works excellently when paired with a point-toe heel or cowboy boot. 

It’s wide-legged jeans and stomping boots for the win, according to style influencer Joanna Lari.

Go for the ultimte in slouchy styling with ultra wide-legged jeans and Ugg boots, as seen on Pernille Teisbaek.

Embrace a 1970s look with suede tan boots and flares. 

If a full-on flare doesn’t appeal, go for a wide-straight jean, turn up the ends and pair with your favourite ankle boots.


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