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How To Take Care Of Your Hair This Spring

As you would with your skin, pare back and simplify your hair care routine …

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Haircare advice: Spring brings a focus on hydration in skincare, with a host of new launches dressed in blue, to emphasise the fact. And haircare now increasingly looks like skincare. The whole “skinification of hair” trend is fine, to a point – it makes sense to take care of the skin on our scalp as well as our face, and to find a routine that works for us. But it can also translate to “use a ton more products”. The average woman uses more than six products on her hair, according to a Kérastase survey. Gone are the days of Wash & Go, a shampoo and conditioner in one.

As with skin, more is not necessarily better. If you’re having issues, such as dull hair or a flaky scalp, layering on numerous care and styling products may not be helping. And we tend to apply hair masks too heavily, too often, and for too long; hairdressers are warning against lashing on one feted mask every time you wash your hair because it’s so concentrated and is – ironically – causing brittle hair. Instructions are often printed horribly small, but do follow them.

As you would with your skin, pare back and simplify your routine. A detoxifying shampoo can offer a fresh start (Living Proof’s Clarifying shampoo acts like a magnet to remove product build-up, refreshing hair. Kérastase focuses on reducing damage with its new Premiere range, designed to decalcify and strengthen hair. Sinead Asple has launched Sea+Solu with a vegan, siliconefree moisture mask (€33.95), plus optional “boosters” designed to strengthen, hydrate or volumise ( Act+Acre (now at Brown Thomas), founded by a trichologist, has an extensive, good-looking offering; keep to the gentle shampoo and conditioner for a simple approach. The new haircare line by Irish-owned Luna (from €14) is also hydrating, and designed to improve hair strength. Focus on damage limitation and hair health, rather than fads. @sarahhalliwellbeauty


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