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How To Practice Face Yoga at Home with Agnes Gajewska

Skin therapist Agnes Gajewska shares an introduction to face yoga …

In this video, skin therapist Agnes Gajewska shares an introduction to face yoga. Read the steps below and then follow the actions as displayed in the video. Agnes recommends practicing face yoga every day for up to 30 minutes. There are 57 muscles in the face, head and neck, including the ears and tongue. You will work the muscles of the face in a slow, controlled way and you will use all three layers of the skin and the muscles. Face yoga has been known to tone and tighten the face, improve the texture and colour of skin, smooth out fine lines, brighten the eyes, relieve stress and tension, increase blood circulation and improves mindfulness, awareness and calm the mind.

* Start by taking some time to ground yourself by placing feet on the floor and taking three deep breaths. Nasal breathing is healthier than mouth breaking for several reasons.

* Look straight ahead with your chin level and centered. Turn your head to the right so that it is even with your right shoulder and then lift your head up. Return your head to the centre position slowly. Do the same to the other side. Repeat twice.

* Place your hands under your collar bone. Tilt your head back gently and kiss the sky ten times. Then relax and repeat again.

* Place your hands in pray position to apply your serum – any facial oil or serum you have at home will do.

*Take your index finger, middle finger and thumb on both hands and pinch along your jaw line. Always towards your ears.

*Take the index fingers and middle fingers in hooks to sculpt your tight jaw.

*Take your thumbs and place next to each other on chin line and glide them along the jaw, away from each other.

* Massage the corners of your lips with index fingers in a figure of eight.

* Wrap your lips around your teeth and bring your mouth into a smile shape. You should feel the cheeks lifting.

* Place your thumbs under your chin and move your index fingers upwards to your eye area and massage gently. This movement helps to smooth out marionette and nasolabial lines and gives fantastic relaxation to the eye area.

* Hold and pinch with your index fingers and thumbs the top of your eyebrows. Move your fingers from side to side to release tension.

*Take your thumb and massage the area from the top of your nose towards middle of your eyebrows with firm pressure. This is great to release sinus pain and headache.

Few movements to reduce 11 lines.

* Index and middle fingers gently smoothing the skin to soften any lines and relax muscles between your eyebrows.

*Make your index fingers into little hook shapes. Using your knuckles, stroke upwards between your eyebrows. Start from the little dip at the top of the nose and stroke all the way up to your hairline.

* Move your index fingers from the eyebrows to hairline for lifting results.

*Palm stroke to completely relax your forehead. Place the palm of your hand on the middle of the forehead and slide it across.

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