How to Consult The Hair Experts From Home


Hair salons are closed, but step away from the scissors and home dye kits – here’s how to consult the pros with your hair woes …

It’s not at the top of the worries list, but lots of people are a bit distracted by their hair colour. In the absence of salons, the roots are starting to show, and some people are taking the scissors to their own hair with less than great results. No, it’s not a great idea to get bored and cut yourself a fringe. Teenagers are amusing themselves by turning their hair weird and wonderful colours, while others are shaving their heads.

While the baseline advice would be step away from the scissors, there’s now some professional advice available. Peter Mark have launched a home hair help series  – available on Facebook and to download from YouTube.

The #HomeHairHelp online video series will feature experts from the Peter Mark team to give tips and answer queries. Send in your questions via email or on social media using #HomeHairHelp and they will create a video answering specific queries, whether it’s how to use your styling tools or worries about thinning hair or scalp problems.

To post your question, visit the Peter Mark social channels Facebook or Instagram or email [email protected]



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