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How To Build A Great Place For Women To Work

Now in its sixth consecutive year, the Best Workplaces for Women accolade is a prestigious recognition. A special event was held at the Stella Cinema to reveal this year’s findings – and to share how other organisations can be recognised as a Best Workplace for Women in 2025 …

Great Place to Work has announced the 2024 Best Workplaces for Women. Underpinned by a global methodology, this recognition awards organisations who are both creating a Great Place to Work For All, and for women in particular.

Recognising 35 organisations and representing the lived experience of over 19,000 women, the Best Workplaces for Women recognition allows Great Place to Work to commend those organisations who have committed to maintaining an inclusive workplace culture and creating supportive workplaces for women in particular.

In these organisations 92 per cent of women feel that they are treated fairly in their workplace, regardless of their gender, showcasing how these many organisations strive to bring a balanced workplace and a positive experience for all.

88 per cent of women in these organisations feel able to take time off when they think it is necessary, while 80 per cent feel empowered to balance their work and personal life.

According to Great Place To Work, in order to find organisations that fulfil the requirements to be listed as a Best Workplace For Women, they examine the following:

-The overall experience that women have in an organisation, based on their Trust Index score

-Minimum variance in the Trust Index score between women and men

-The number of women in manager and leadership roles

-Minimum variance in the responses to the following statements:

“People here are treated fairly regardless of their gender”

“Managers avoid playing favourites”

“I am offered training or development to further myself professionally”

“Promotions go to those who best deserve them”

“I am able to take time off from work when I think it’s necessary”

“People are encouraged to balance their work-life and their personal life”

This 2024 Best Workplaces for Women recognition showcases organisations who go above and beyond to build an inclusive workplace culture for all. Best Workplaces for Women is an amazing opportunity to shine a spotlight on the many women who make such a difference to our workforce every day. These organisations are committed to maintaining a high standard of workplace culture despite the challenges.

To launch the 2024 Best Workplaces for Women announcement, women from eight organisations told us why their company is a great place to work, you can read their stories through this link. 


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