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House Swapping Is Trending – Here Is Everything You Need To Know

House swapping is a rising travel trend with lots of perks, here’s where to start …

Did Nancy Meyers’ rom-com The Holiday, about two women (played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) who trade homes to escape their routines and romantic troubles, result in an uptick in house swapping? Possibly, but there is no doubt that right now it’s a rising travel trend with many perks. House swaps offer a more authentic holiday, while also saving money, especially for larger family groups. Staying in someone’s home often ensures you get roomier, more interesting and comfortable accommodation which comes with the contents, so you’ll likely have books to read, games to play, maybe even a gym or a pool, and in some cases, a car at your disposal.

But where to start: One of the most popular companies is HomeExchange run by Charles-Edouard Girard and Emmanuel Arnaud (which also recently took over Love Home Swap). It comprises over 230,000 houses and flats in 130 countries. The accessible website is catnip for decoristas. From minimalist rooftop apartments in the Vatican to maximalist farmhouses in the US, it’s easy to while away hours plotting hypothetical swaps. Also worth noting for interesting gîtes in France, casas rural in Portugal and Spain and riads in Morocco is

Avila Lipsett in New York.

While websites help, word of mouth is also a good way to test the waters, believes PR consultant Avila Lipsett. She swapped her apartment in Dublin for one in Manhattan for three weeks in 2022. “I put the word out on social media and found a place via a mutual friend,” she explains. “An American girl who loves Ireland was open to coming to Dublin when I wanted to travel. It helped that we met in person beforehand, as you hear of so many scams,” says Lipsett. While there was much to organise beforehand (including an initial decluttering of her home), the swap went so well that she returned later in the same year and enjoyed summer in the city. For her next swap, she’s hoping to go to LA or Sydney.

Peter Timmins has swapped properties almost a dozen times though, he says, “It’s not for everyone. There is a tradition of house swapping in Europe, which is not the case in Ireland. An element of trust is involved while privacy is an issue for many: having strangers stay in your house and the worry of security issues can be off-putting. But for those who are educated in the advantages of a house swap, it’s a cost-effective way to travel and meet like-minded people. I’ve only ever had a positive experience.” So much so, Timmins founded Homes4Home in July last year – the first Irish house swap site where members have a portfolio of some 150 homes from which to choose. It’s free to browse; membership costs €149. “The majority of properties are in Ireland, rejecting the ongoing appreciation for staycations. If you want to see the Christmas markets in Galway, take in a play in Dublin or have a short break in Kerry, a house swap allows members to save money for extras such as outings and nice restaurants.” There are tempting overseas options too. “Given the Irish diaspora, we have had many international enquiries and now offer homes from Quebec to Alicante, Spain and in rural France. “Generally our clients are retirees who have a lot of time on their hands to travel and teachers with longer holidays looking for a home away from home”.;


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