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Have a Few Hours Free This Weekend? Book Into This Yoga and Women’s Health Masterclass

Spend a few hours stretching and learning this weekend, either in person or online …

If you are in your forties and upwards, and are peri-, menopausal or post-menopausal, here’s a handy workshop to know about. YogaVeda Living in Blackrock, Co Dublin, is a studio co-founded by highly experienced teacher Paula Herbert, with a focus on teen health, fertility and menopause. In a new venture, Herbert is teaming up with Geraldine Connolly, a gynaecologist with 25 years of experience, for a Menopause Health masterclass. It takes place this Saturday, June 18, in the YogaVeda Living studios in Blackrock, and also online (2.30-5pm). “We feel that our approach can really help and empower women at this tricky time in life.” As well as looking at symptoms and HRT, the class will cover Ayurvedic recommendations for helpful foods, and yoga postures and breathwork to help manage common symptoms and stress.

“We are bringing together the most up-to-date medical and scientific research in female hormonal health, combined with natural approaches from yoga and ayurveda – a totally unique offering here in Ireland at the moment. We recently ran a teen gynae masterclass for girls and their mothers (another unique concept), with a combination of yoga and presentations. We had participants both in-studio and online from all around the country, and many reported back how useful they found it.”

We’re also intrigued by the Infra-Red sauna at the studio (open to all), a unique option for many benefits, including helping the body to detox, and to boost the immune system; €45 per 30-minute session. YogaVeda also run Ayurveda clinics and consultations, plus yoga holidays in the Algarve, with various dates this summer.

Menopause Health Masterclass on June 18, €75. For more details and to book visit www.yogavedaliving.com or call 087 839 9338.


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