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Glossy Dogwear: 5 Cosy Coats For The Cold Weather Snap


During this current lockdown we have all found ourselves shopping online in unexpected ways. Having exhausted the loungewear sections of various sites, my thoughts turn to my Golden Retriever, Dash. I have always been very scathing of dogs wearing clothes, the preserve of people with little pooches, but not for my very manly dog. However as I sipped my coffee on a park bench the other day I noticed old Dashy was shivering. So off I went in search of a dog coat that wouldn’t elicit too much derision.

Well, there isn’t too much to laugh about at the moment, but if you want a chuckle whether you have a dog or not, check out dog coats. In actual fact doggy clothing has moved on considerably from just coats. Firstly you must decide what is your pooch’s style? Are they Sporty Dog, Teenage Trendy Dog, Country Manor Dog, even Designer Dog? One must also consider if they require leg and even head cover?

Listed below are some examples of sites that might hit the right style notes for your faithful friend. Do ensure you select the right size, measuring tape at the ready, as ill fitting clothes will chafe. Whatever you choose, spare a thought for his/her park cred, to avoid being laughed at by their doggy mates.

Silver and fleece coat with fur-lined hood, from €12.97;

Grrucci warm dog jacket, €60;

Camouflage print red dog hoodie, €15.49;

Camouflage print fleece hoodie, from €14;

Pink Ancol stormguard coat, €36.70;



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