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Glossy Dogs Tell Us How They Spent Their Summer Holidays

We’re celebrating International Dog Day, on August 26, by catching up with some glossy dogs and their summer holidays 


Cooper spent his summer weekending in West Cork. He loves the car journey most of all, in fact his favourite question is “Do you want to go for a spin?” He likes to travel with his head out the window whenever possible and is rewarded with a sea swim when we arrive.
When he can’t come with us, he stays at his “granny’s” in Bandon, which he prefers to home! There, he is lord of the manor and likes nothing more than to accompany her on every errand, waiting patiently and never misbehaving.


I’m no Hooray Henry even though I live in a fabulous period property, Fitz of Inch in Stradbally, Co Laois. I live with my canine sister Rosie, I sometimes call her Rudie Rosie, and my owner, Michael Fitzpatrick.
This summer I have been Jack of all trades at Fitz – meeting and greeting, security, food taster, therapist, and walker – I’m up for anything and have lots of responsibility. It’s been great meeting so many different guests who come to enjoy the glamorous glamping tents, spa hot tub, fire pit, and acres of wonderful grounds.


Tilly spent the summer harassing her owners, stealing bread from the kitchen and dribbling on the floor. She had her annual session at the groomer’s – which costs more than double the price of a human blowdry though, to be fair, most hairdressers don’t have to contend with their client complaining VERY loudly for the duration of an appointment, let alone pick seaweed and multiple crumbs out of their hair.

Tilly’s favourite haunts include Hewett’s papershop, for a treat from owner David, the friendly Roots van by Monkstown Dart station for healthy snacks – she loves the staff there – and then round to Teddy’s for an ice-cream cone and a swim off the pier, where she freaks out nervous paddleboarders.


We call ourselves the Canine Crew, and although we may be biased, we think we’re the main reason people come to stay at Springfort Hall Country House Hotel, Co Cork. We really are living our best life here. We’re admired and adored, we get endless belly rubs and lots of treats, which is just how we like it.
It’s not all play though; we have overseen lots of upgrades to our home including nine new log cabins on the grounds. Our human, Paul Walsh, said he couldn’t have managed without us during the refurbishment – we were on top of everything. He’s so kind to us and to all the other doggies who come to stay at our hotel.


Jamie has been waiting patiently for his holidays to the Fermanagh Lakelands and is counting down the days until he can hit the road. In the interim it’s been a long, wet summer, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t had fun. He loves going for walks in the rain – sporting one of his colourful macs – his preferred route is a leisurely stroll around Hillsborough Forest Park in Co Down. Rumour has it he’s got a girlfriend but he is keeping mum for now. Though he still loves a good dig in the garden, uprooting Mum’s Lady’s Mantle, whenever there’s ice cream on the go, he is VERY good and loves nothing more than some vanilla, no sprinkles.


Chewy the Bichon Frisé had a perfect summer pottering around the beautiful Connemara landscape. At 15-years-old, with selective hearing and not the same eyesight he used to have, Chewy is still feeling like his best self. The sea breeze and diverse smells always give Chewy a burst of energy and he is the busiest Bichon Frise we know – always investigating – not much lap dog-ing.
Full of curiosity and a real foodie, Chewy’s all-time favourite activity is spending time with his family so his summer was all about making new discoveries in the seaweed on Omey beach, enjoying lunch at the Misunderstood Heron and cosying up by the fire with the people he loves with the wild west wind blowing outside … Chewy’s summer suited him just fine.


Coco Swift has spent the summer patrolling for squirrels in the park and enjoying the peace and quiet of the Powerscourt River Walk. She celebrated the first anniversary of her adoption in July with a chicken cake and, in lieu of a present, asked friends to make a donation to the wonderful Dogs Angels Ireland who do amazing work helping dogs like her around the country!


We learned the hard way that dogs in the Irish countryside are safer roaming the confines of our fenced back field than off-lead, ducking into shucks and ha-has bordering neighbouring farms and boreens. Tiber and Cherry burst through our USA-made magnetic dog door a hundred times a day. Tiber fires off a round of bass barks to warn would-be intruders, joggers and the free-range children across the way having too much summer fun. Cherry follows him out less as back up, more out of FOMO.

Rottweilers have a bad rap in Dog World, bred to be aggressive by aggressive folk, shunned for their muscular boxiness, their fearsome black and tan markings, their growls of pleasure when stroked into a dizzy reverie. Yes, they are protective of their people, but I can think of a hundred humans I’d prefer to muzzle before strapping one on our loyal, lovable Rotties. No better place to spend summer evenings than the Irish midlands in the company of good dogs, curled around our feet beneath the picnic table, scoffing tidbits of barbecued chicken skin and chunks of Bangor butcher Mawhinney’s beef sausages.


Woof woof! I’m Poppy, the happiest black lab around, aged two, living it up in lovely East Cork. Summers are my jam, because that’s when I tag along to my mum’s awesome food trailer by the beach [Niamh’s Larder]. Meeting new doggy pals is a blast, even if some of them aren’t so friendly. And there are plenty of perks! Crumbs galore, belly rubs from everyone, and running wild through barley fields: it’s been a dream come true. Water is my medium – any puddle, stream, or pond is my playground. Afterwards I like to cosy up to the Aga at home. Watching my fam cook up yummy stuff and chat makes me one happy pup.


We’re just back from our vacay in Portugal, where we totally nailed stand-up paddleboarding and splashed around in the sea like a furry torpedoes. We found our inner zen while rolling in sand, seaweed, and every mysterious scent on the beach. They say we’re influencers now! Our go-to treats are Gofuel bars from Blue Pet Co. That little treasure keeps us energised during our marathon beach days. It’s like rocket fuel for adventures! We’re ready to ride the waves, roll in the sand, and spread some wagging-tail joy! #SummerVibes #PortugalPup #FuelingAdventures #PortugalPup #SUPMaster #RollingInStyle


What an amazing summer I’ve had! My human and I embarked on a grand adventure to Lisbon, and it was pawsitively exciting. May and June were like a dream – I soared through the skies in that big flying machine, feeling the wind in my fur as we landed in this sunny paradise. While my human, Erica, worked from home in Lisbon, I lounged like a true sun queen on the balcony, soaking up the warm rays. Park walks were a blast as I made new furry friends, even though their barks were a bit different from what I’m used to. But all good things must come to an end, and it was time to return home – first to the Cork countryside and then a trip to Kerry which was a wet and wild delight. My summer isn’t over yet – another flight to Lisbon is on the cards and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, bark by bark.


Following his Glossy debut in April, Barney’s summer schedule has been jam-packed. He has spent many sunny mornings strutting around Blackrock Village and visiting The Gloss team in HQ – brightening up their meetings with his good looks and charm. He enjoyed long walks by the sea or hiking up Ticknock with his family – especially when the trip finished up with a sweet treat and coffee stop. A holiday to Connemara was in store where he enjoyed investigating fields and feeling the sea breeze in his hair. But nothing beat the snuggles on the sofa at the end of the day with his family gathered around him – especially if he spotted a squirrel and he could tell them ALL about it.


Blyton. Male. Golden retriever. Spent the summer at home on the north coast with Al and I. Swimming, sunbathing, snoozing and keeping me company whilst I drew, which is his sneaky method of pushing me off the chair in my office so he can look out the window at people passing by and bark when necessary (it’s never necessary).


For the first time in years we spent our holidays in Ireland. With such a sunny June, I thought that spending the summer in Ireland was a safe bet. Little did I know. But, we didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits as we spent our weekends in Kilkee, Co Clare. Kilkee is an ideal place for dogs, especially ones that like the water like our Cockapoo Molly. Kilkee has natural tidal pools called the Pollock Holes ideal for diving and swimming, a place that Molly loves.

Everything was going to swimmingly until we adopted a French Bull Dog that needed a new home, Kobe. Not only do French Bull dogs not like exercise all that much, they also don’t like swimming: who knew? An incident where Kobe jumped into the rock pool and had to be rescued by my husband frightened the life out of us!
I couldn’t imagine life without the little guy now, snoring aside! Both dogs are great car passengers which makes travelling to the West from Dublin a dream. Kilkee boasts amazing swimming spots and seafood in abundance. It was a favourite summer getaway for Richard Harris whose statue stands in a prominent place overlooking the Pollock Holes. Safe to say it is a little piece of heaven from my family as well as Molly and Kobe.

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