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Gloss-ip: Celebrating Italian Design With Minima At One Ballsbridge

As part of Italian Design Week 2024, Minima hosted members of the architecture and design community for a special glimpse into the world of Italian sustainable wood flooring …

For those in the know, the name Listone Giordano is synonymous with excellence in hardwood flooring – its luxury finishes are the result of its heritage which also combines art and winemaking expertise. The floors are made in the brand’s headquarters in di Torgiano, Italy.

Architects and designers were able to see the latest designs by Michele De Luca for Listone Giordano at a special evening hosted by Minima founder, Helen Kilmartin. The “Terre di Vigna Mirantico” flooring was inspired by wine and nature – Listone Giordano uses wine and pomace properties to naturally colour the wood, meaning the process is highly sustainable. The Guggenheim New York was one of the first spaces to feature Terre di Vigna Mirantico flooring – reflecting the brand’s belief that art can be expressed on a wall, but also on a floor. Minima is the exclusive representative of Terre di Vigna Mirantico in Ireland.

Helen Kilmartin welcomed guests who enjoyed Terre Margaritelli wines (part of the Listone Giordano family) which had been flown in from the Margaritelli family’s vineyard in the centre of Italy, Miralduolo di Torgiano, where they have been making wine 1870. A special guest was Monica Mecocci who works for Listone Giordano in Italy.

Click into the gallery to see the guests who attended.

Photographer: Photocall Ireland

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