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Dining solo Dublin

5 Restaurants Perfect For Dining Solo In Dublin

Table for one? We recommend the following restaurants …

“A table for one?” exclaimed the incredulous maître‘d, the first time I summoned the courage to dine alone in an actual restaurant. I recall how my face burned with shame as I mumbled something about being let down by friends but the truth was, I was hungry, at a loose end and in the city centre with its abundance of good restaurants, which was not a regular occurrence at the time. Happily, times have changed and solitary dining is no longer the social faux pas it once was. Some of my most memorable meals have been unaccompanied where there was nothing to distract me from the food or the ambiance. Nothing that is, except my phone (or my book depending on the mood). But that’s a discussion for another day. Table for one? We recommend the following restaurants for dining solo in Dublin …

The Winding Stair, Dublin 2

If you are lucky enough to nab a table by the window, overlooking the Ha’penny Bridge, then lunch or dinner for one in The Winding Stair will be a memorable meal. The Winding Stair Fish Plate which includes Sally Barnes, Goatsbridge and home-made smoked fish and shellfish all served with Dillisk bread and house-pickled cucumbers while surveying the city is a very pleasant way to fritter away an hour or two and with views this good, who needs company. www.winding-stair.com

Little Forest, Blackrock

Excellent pizza is just one of the draws to Little Forest in Blackrock, the cosy interior with a view on to Main Street is another. But back to the pizza. Usually considered a sharing exercise, eating pizza can also be dismissed by solo diners for that very reason but this needn’t be the case. If ever a dish was made for taking home and enjoying the following day, it’s pizza. And when it’s this good, you will want to take it home. If there is any left of course. www.littleforest.ie

The Wine Cellar at Fallon and Byrne, Dublin 2

There is a lot to love about the wine cellar in Fallon & Byrne on Exchequer Street. The candlelit ambiance, the array of charcuterie boards, the small plates, the nibbles. It’s the perfect menu for sharing and even more perfect for solo dining. Bring your book and enjoy a glass of something delicious and a plate of something moreish. www.fallonandbyrne.com

Fish Shop Benburb, Dublin 7

Fish Shop is small, yet perfectly formed and completely fitting for a solitary casual bite after work, before work or on the weekend. I have yet to have fish and chips this good anywhere else in Dublin but that is only part of the story. There are the smoked haddock croquettes, the cockles with chorizo and sherry and the extensive selection of excellent wine. Sharing food is so passé. www.fish-shop.ie

Shouk, Drumcondra

At first glance, you may feel like Shouk is the ideal place to meet with friends or go for a casual date but on closer inspection, singletons will feel right at home here too. The dining area is laid out in two sections and while the larger of the two is usually filled with groups, the smaller is perfect for those craving their fix of excellent Middle Eastern arayes or whole roasted cauliflower. The baklava is excellent too. www.shouk.ie 


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