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2 weeks ago

Five Casual Eats to Enjoy This Weekend


So long Easter, farewell to the festivities, it’s time to take things down a notch or two. Of course, casual eats should not compromise on quality so this weekend, take a break from the formal feasts of late and indulge in some cosy comfort food that is perfectly acceptable to be eaten on the couch if that is what makes you happy. As the saying goes, “The rules are, there ain’t no rules” which is just as it should be when it comes to food. Throw on the loungewear and hit reset. This weekend we are in full comfort mode.

After a prolonged hiatus, Shouk in Drumcondra reopened recently and the food looks better than ever. The whole roasted cauliflower drizzled with tahini and tomato salsa, grilled cherry tomatoes, zhoug, pomegranate seeds, scallions and parsley is perhaps one of Dublin’s most sought after dishes but save room for the arayes, a dish I fell in love with in Tel Aviv some years ago and am beyond excited to see on the menu at Shouk. Pillowey chargrilled pitas are stuffed with spiced minced beef and lamb, cherry tomatoes confit, grilled red onion and green chili then fried until crispy. The Shouk version comes with Jaffa salad and labaneh making it the ultimate meal. Of course there is hummus. And shawarma. And shakshouka. It wouldn’t be a Middle Eastern feast without all of the above. Need I say more? Local delivery and click and collect available, Wednesday – Sunday.

Butcher Street Pie Company, Galway

Sometimes in life, you just have a hankering for a pie, and Butcher St. Pie Company is just the place to scratch that itch. This recent collaboration between Kai Galway, The Blue Note and Ruibin Galway has elevated pies to next level with every aspect of the pie box being a marriage made in heaven. Recent pie box renditions include butter chicken pie and chard, paneer and butter masala pie with Bombay spuds, Peshwari style milk bread and jewelled pistachio Indian donuts with yogurt cream. What’s more, also included is a one litre growler of paired beer. You get the idea. Orders go live on Tuesdays at 10am and sadly (for all of us outside Galway), this one is collection only. Set those reminders…

Cuan Dublin 7

Belfast sandwich superstars, Cuan Belfast have announced their long awaited Dublin branch will finally open this week in Smithfield, Dublin 7. Cuan, who were included in The Sunday Times Top 100 Sandwiches in Ireland are well known in Belfast for their mammoth sandwiches including ‘The Beast’ which weighs in at a hearty 1lb and is filled with slow cooked Dexter beef, free range Irish chicken, bacon, cheddar, tomatoes and crispy onions. Not for the faint hearted but then again, nothing worthwhile is.

Brother Hubbard

Another favourite with Middle Eastern flair, Brother Hubbard (north and south) are back open and tick all the food boxes one could possibly wish for. Brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks are all available with the ham croquettas sandwich being the new kid on the block. Cheesy croquettas are paired with pulled ham, braised red cabbage with apple and herby crème fraiche in a soft home baked roll – the ultimate comfort food. Dinner for two is priced at €50 and includes nibbles, dips, chicken fatteh or warming lamb stew served with celebration couscous with freekeh, lentils dried fruit and herbs followed by dessert. Brunch boxes for two are also available.

Good Day Deli

In Cork, Good Day Deli are delivering their ever popular Kete Kai Boxes which contain an array of nibbles that serve from two to four people. The boxes contain dukkah rolled eggs, along with a selection of mezze, bread, nibbles, cakes, fruit and cheese. Also included is a bottle of biodynamic wine with the option to add some smoked fish to your order. Prefer to pick up some hot food? The kai Moana fish tacos consist of lightly battered hake in a Blanco Nino corn tortilla with slaw, pickles and aioli served with paprika hand cut fries.


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