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Everything You Need to Know About Virgos


Star Child: (August 23-September 22)

Symbol: Virgin. Element: Earth. Colour: Olive and Sienna. Scent: Lemongrass. Soulmate: Pisces. Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio. Attributes: Meticulous, Efficient, Facetious, Critical, Analytical, Incisive.

VIRGO at a glimpse…

Perfectionists, sometimes to the point of paralysis, Virgos are harder on themselves than those around them. But the Virgin’s most salient attribute is her sensitivity. This same characteristic which proffers personal pain and secret suffering also powers her ability to stick to her guns regarding unyielding standards. An ambition to achieve in absolute terms, all the time, may reward a Virgo, but often as not with bitter enemies and a seemingly endless exhaustion.

A personage meticulous in all her affairs, from the way a Virgo presents herself to the sort of paperwork she produces, her approach to administration never wavers. Whether she’s building a brand from scratch, or choosing a vintage handbag to match a pair of new shoes.


PRECISIONIST Clan and colleagues alike cower under The Virgin’s captious eye. Not one to leap into a commitment, a Virgo seeks to clarify any situation by asking a few crucial questions and still, she’ll sleep on it, before declaring feelings as firm as they are final on a subject of conversation she’ll then consider closed. Don’t tell those Capricorns, but they aren’t the only strong contender for hardest working sign in the Zodiac. Workaholic is a weak term for the candle a Virgin burns at both ends. Wending her way depends on how much midnight oil is required to reap the spoils, until an advantageous alternative dawns upon her with a yawn.

BRITTLE Imperfect as we are, where Virgo encounters with the average anthropoid may disappoint, she can surely connect with other creatures great and small. Because an animal never says the wrong thing. And while every Virgo isn’t a vegan, those born under this sign are often fond of furry friends. In fact, they fancy an emotional support animal or ten. These natives maintain a personal menagerie of exotic captive animals that may eventually expand into what you could call a zoo.

Speaking of containment, The Virgin is an astrology sign that specialises in storing up stress. Not like most of us do, in the jaw, diaphragm and surprise…the pelvic floor! “Paging Dr. Kegel, Paging Dr. Kegel.” No, Virgos go with their gut, internalising microaggressions, severe stress and traumatic experiences in the gastrointestinal system of the body, which presents a plethora of distasteful symptoms. Something to look forward to, if you can stomach it.

BRAINY Better known for her brain power than brass, a typical Virgo embodies the blessings of both. Immeasurable intelligence coaxes The Virgin toward diversions promising a kind of formulaic complexity such as tarot cards, classical puzzles and word games. Riddles requiring a rather bold degree of logic and untold mysteries soon unfold.

CRITIC While the word hypercritical can’t come close to encapsulating the effect an incisive Virgo has on others when one of her crushing cross-examinations concludes, there are those who seek to satisfy her demanding nature. Masochists, with much amusement and enthusiasm rise to the challenge of penetrating her armadillo-like protective armour. It is they who are handsomely rewarded in true Virgo style. That rarest prize. A sudden smile, the size of Texas.


SELF-SACRIFICING Born to give, the Virgo Woman follows this destiny for a select circle of individuals and a couple of causes. After careful evaluation, she opens her heart and her wallet with a magnanimity and benevolence which holds in disdain all injustice and meanness even as it elevates the dignity of one deserving soul at a time. In personal relationships, well intended Virgins have been known to be wrong, but the odd cul-de-sac doesn’t last long.

LONER Here we have a sign sorely in need of downtime. Solitude and space summoned by cursory dismissal, leaving those who love a Virgo and were in mid-sentence, with the impression they’re not cohabitating at all, but reporting for basic combat training to a drill sergeant.

SAVAGE Though a Virgo’s table manners are impeccable, demonstrating her profound respect for propriety and decorum. This personification of civilised society is however, breathtakingly wanton and weird, wild and way-out… in bed.


AU NATUREL With a Virgin, you’ll not wake up to someone you don’t recognise from the night before. Someone snoring on a pillow case more smeared by more misleading maquillage than a Jackson Pollock painting? Probably not a Virgo. No, the morning after, she’s perfectly capable of swinging from the rafters wearing nothing but a waft of perfume, a lash of lip balm and an imported caftan.

PARAGON By virtue of her practicality and propensity to plan, Virgo’s wardrobe warns anyone who sees her coming, “There’ll be no nonsense.” But like an onion, once you get past the crying stage, and under her skin, lusty Virgo’s inner layers get sweeter and juicier. Her lingerie exceeds all expectations because for those who dare, she is prepared to be gently sauteed until her habitual opacity succumbs to a telltale translucence.

*Celebrated Virgos include artist/philosopher Adrian Piper, education activist Queen Rania of Jordan, accomplished actress/author Sophia Loren, and Beyoncé (pictured, photograph via Instagram).


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