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Everything You Need to Know About Taurus

Ilsa Monique Carter Navigates the Taurus Personality …

Starchild: Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Symbol: The Bull. Element: Earth. Colour: Deep Green. Scent: Lavender, Rose, Freshly Cut Grass. Soulmate: Scorpio. Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo. Attributes: Practical, Sensual, Steadfast, Generous, Grounded, Calm.

Taurus at a Glimpse…

The Steer stands her ground. And yes, one could argue that remaining relatively immovable leaves much to be desired in the arena of flexibility. Sometimes Taurus takes it too far, only to find that her gormlessness makes short shrift of those hypersensitive types. Former friends hop on the bandwagon about her belligerence in a china shop.

That said, our Bull is a beauty. One who brings her own brand of calm. Plus, she provides a highly prized practicality in an otherwise chaotic world. Generally gentle, tactile as she is, Taurus will always have her finger in multiple pies, resolving situations way before they can fester into something severely problematic. This fun-loving sign, this earthiest of sisters, would much rather receive a fragrant bouquet of flowers from you, than the most expensive ring you can swing. Even if it does feature a rock as big as the Ritz.

Taurus Traits

Only her striking sensuality prevents the Taurus Woman from rushing around to micromanage everything especially for you. Ruled by Venus, goddess of love and beauty, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to deciphering her unhurried feminine mystique. Meanwhile, she has a meandering way of just magically getting it all done.

Touchy: Did I mention Taurus was tactile? I’ll say it again. This lusty lady trusts no one else to let their fingers do the walking on any object of desire, even human. However, left to her own devices, other pleasures of the flesh prevail, including the careful preparation of copious cuisine. Those habitual stabs at the cornucopia might mean a self-indulgent casualty every now and then concerning the never-too-far away battle of the bulge.

Stubborn? Sure: A Taurine temperament won’t back down under any circumstance. Which isn’t a bad quality when applied with good intentions. The sole drawback to this bovine behaviour is an impossible pouting and inability to absorb another person’s perspective. Taurus has a real talent for fighting any fool stupid enough to stumble in to a ring with her.

Habits Die Hard: Prone to routine, it’s classic comportment for Taurus to get stuck in a rut. The kind of nasty one that prevents a good girl from getting ahead. This can occur in relationships, career, and self-care like how she keeps herself fit. Stepping out of that comfort zone and pushing a bull’s own boundaries doesn’t come naturally to this sign.

By the Throat: In astrological terms, Taurus does in all honesty rule what’s gorgeous. Making communication of her true self an important priority. She must find creative outlets through which to funnel this expression each and every day. Any tendency to repress emotions is sure to result in acute anguish, suffered primarily in the psychosomatic form, as a sudden sore throat. And while we’re dwelling on that most delicate region, remember a Bull can always recharge her superpowers by gargling, or singing to her heart’s content. If necessary, we all know it always sounds better in the shower.

Taurus Love and Sex

People are important to Taurus. The Bull surrounds herself with intense, hot-blooded and imaginative types at all times. When it comes to serious relationships, she won’t bother with those predictable partners another needier sign would tolerate just for a false sense of security.

Creativity: Bulls are excellent at thinking outside of the proverbial box when it comes to selecting a romantic mate. A Taurus woman seeks that special someone who will stimulate her senses and push her to the precipice. Taurus is only willing to take on a totally transformational partner. One who, by detonating her body and soul, with random bursts of creative explosions, sort of startles a Bull into being bolder.

Stamina: Sofa surfers need not apply, and I’ll tell you why. Taurus is the last of the astrological signs to be lazy. She’s looking to collaborate with a lover who’s willing to perform in the kitchen, and the bedroom at the same piping hot temperatures. Tuned in and turned on are good places to start. No sign can pull an all-nighter like she can, and with the queer stamina of a steer. Fundamentally uncomfortable with complacency, Bulls believe in hustling hard, a work ethic that affords them once earned, creature comforts and endless amusement.

Taurus Beauty and Style

Possessive: A magpie for bags, this sign prefers among other things, to have her shoes handmade, not as a status symbol, but because Taurus craves craft, design and intrinsic beauty, if only to satisfy her sensual side. A kind of Helen Keller of our zodiac, how her fingers fly over textures, absorbing and discerning sensations, as if by birth someone could read braille.

Earthy: Naturally, well-grounded Taurus is attracted to earth tones, luscious floral prints, and aesthetically inclined to graze on gorgeous greens. But a Bull’s worst-case scenario is one in which she’s forced to depart without first taking the time to gather her good luck charms. The correct scarf or perfect pair of earrings, those titillating trinkets that ensure she positively nails her daily experience. One that will that go swimmingly, granted she’s grabbed all of the trimmings.

Rare is that matador who manages to grab her by the horns. We’re talking about firm affection. He who dares to show a syncopated potential for scoring, will succeed in securing a position well within the bull’s eye.

Celebrated Taureans Include: actresses Meghan Fox and Jessica Alba, fashion model Gigi Hadid, and Queen Elizabeth II of England.


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