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Everything You Need to Know About Pisces

Ilsa Monique Carter navigates the Pisces Personality and Style Profile …

STAR CHILD: Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Symbol: Fish. Element: Water. Soulmate: Virgo. Scent: Water Lily. Compatible Signs: Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, and Taurus. Attributes: Compassionate, Empathic, Mystical, Psychic, Self-sacrificial.

Pisces at a Glimpse…

Least likely to judge, and the last one who would hold a grudge, this water sign lives to forgive. Lusty and trusting, the Fish will bend over backwards, earning her the equivalent of a black belt in empathy. A martial art felt by many a friend combatting their doldrums until she sends them on the mend.

Superpowers aside, the wounded side of Pisces is prone to self-delusion, susceptible to that which intoxicates too. Her hot pursuit leads to a lot of forbidden fruit and its aftermath, further down the primrose path. Mind you, this journey is punctuated by all kinds of capricious companions offering false hope. These predicaments are poised to put someone with so much potential on a slippery slope.

Pisces Traits

Compassionate: Pisces has a propensity to marsupialize that sends expansive egos skyrocketing right out of her pocket. However much she mistakes protégés for being putty in her hands, Fish is happiest performing behind the scenes. There’s a lot to unpack about Pisces protocol, but what looks like a lack of initiative is simply taking a back seat, as your Executive Producer of Everything.

Sensitive: Psychic and kind, this sign can’t stomach the suffering of a single mammal. She’s a mystical healer. An old soul who senses subtleties of the human psyche. She’ll seek to alleviate any intense emotional or physical pain, and still manage to extract some spiritual meaning from the mundane. Heed Pisces hunches. Born with beaucoup intuition, she has them by the bunches.

Chameleon: Passing through all eleven other signs to take her proper place on the zodiac between Aquarius and Aries, Pisces symbolises eternity. This makes Fish flexible, effortlessly adapting to situations by exhibiting the behaviour of other signs, or taking on atypical traits. Sponge-like, Pisces absorbs the energy of others, sometimes processing feelings as bodily sensations.

Pisces Love & Sex

Romantic: If affectionate Fish finds not just a target-for-tonight, but someone special to share more than one magnetic moment, Pisces will put that partner on a pedestal. Thus deemed to be without flaw, they’ll walk on the proverbial water, revered until an awkward occasion when the yawning crevasse which exists between idealised and real unwittingly swallows her lover whole.

Pollyanna: From curing a bird’s broken wing, to financing her cousin, the chronic borrower’s next blockbuster, Pisces has a predilection for wearing those rose-coloured glasses and much magical thinking. But the Fish’s preoccupation with fixing her partner’s problems provides a superb opportunity to catch Pisces at her epitome, being brutally pessimistic.

Faithful: Like a loyal laser beam, Pisces is a receptive partner, who invests heavily in devoted monogamy. However, if Fish feels an urge to merge, fidelity doesn’t rule out fun. She’s a player, a stayer, and well…one hell of a libidinous bombshell when sequestered in some soundproof boudoir, where her offbeat behaviour will know no boundaries.

Pisces Beauty & Style

Theatrical: For ultrafeminine Pisces Woman, all the world is her stage, maybe because she’s an old pro at smoke and mirrors. A shape shifter who so skillfully employs eyeshadows around the windows to her soul that, the savviest won’t even see her coming. The Fish we’re talking about doesn’t shout. She shimmers down to the most minute detail, just as much as she does on a grand scale.

Radiant: When Pisces puts together yet another of her perfect ensembles to beat the street, unsuspecting bystanders are in for a treat. Miss Fish’s unforgettable fashion embodies something akin to what in her infinite wisdom, the legendary designer Coco Chanel once said, “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they notice the woman.”

Footnote: In astrology, each sign corresponds to a part of the human body, and the Fish’s parallel points to her own two feet. So, if you want to turn up the heat, contemplate the all-important pedicure as being no longer a luxury, and start reconsidering reflexology tres sexy. Heavens above, booking both will be a bullseye in your Pisces’ lexicon of love.

Celebrated Pisces include supermodel and businesswoman Cindy Crawford, Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, songstress Nina Simone and award-winning actress Emily Blunt.


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