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Everything You Need to Know About the Leo Star Sign


Starchild: Leo (July 23-August 22) 

Symbol: Lion. Element: Fire. Colour: Gold. Scent: Citrus. Soulmate: Aquarius. Compatible Signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini. Attributes: Theatrical, Gregarious, Giving, Creative, Youthful.

LEO at a Glimpse…

Sunniest of astrological signs, Leo’s legacy is her limitless radiance. Always the center of attention, Lions are a social species. These chronic extroverts create new and innovative ways to own all available eyeballs. The Leo Woman is a consummate entertainer and thus by design, rarely without an audience. There are those who’ll recoil, intimidated by a big cat’s comportment. But anyone characterising this feline as over the top, forfeits their future ticket in the fancy seats, when the circus comes to town.

No one loves like a Leo. So, go ahead and get what you paid for, even if at first, the asking price seems high. She’ll prove to be a shrewd investment and forever a la mode. Preened to a sheen, Lions never go unnoticed. Watch them bask in that well-earned glory unique to Leos alone. One about which, other mammals may complain, but only under their breath. See, Pussy’s superpower is simply unparalleled. That in a nutshell, is The Mane Thing.


Showstopper: Conspicuous to a fault, conversations come to a halt when these charismatic cats are on the prowl. Theirs is an unwavering eye contact that can craft a daft sort of camaraderie. Or an extraneous commonality will spur them to step right up and single someone out. Each Leo’s clout comes from that preternatural penchant they exhibit for marking an expansive habitat. This, accompanied by a strong sense of noblesse oblige. Within which, and at regular intervals, Lions claim a kind of entitlement to conduct a proper cull or perhaps, the odd siege. Ergo, every vassal must look to their liege.

Vedette: The Leo Lady exudes artistic aptitude from every pore and part of that is an intrinsic talent to perform. Likely, she’s familiar with The Sage of Omaha, Warren Buffet’s famous quote, “If you’re not at the table, you’re probably on the menu,” and wise enough to improvise a patronising impression of a mutual acquaintance. Just thank the stars that she’s on your side. Wide is this world she patrols, considering it her proprietary stage. A god given proclivity that, at least in Lions, doesn’t promise to mellow with age.

Fun: Felines are game for amusement in myriad forms, if only you’ll take the time to acknowledge their accomplishments and shower them with an appropriate amount of approval. Lions present a childlike and youthful demeanor in the best possible way. Pet them properly and expect to play a rousing round of Spin the Bottle or better yet, Strip Poker. These legends are looking for worthy opponents. Those who won’t peter out in the heat, or on the hunt for an iconoclastic joke and running puns honed. Pranks they perceive were purely conceived to elicit blasts of lionhearted laughter. After all, who else but genus panthera’s fiercest felid decides the dynamics of any pride?

Ardent: Leos never work a day in their lives, because those born under this zodiac sign don’t merely hold down a job. What they do is hurl themselves into a chosen vocation as if offering a sacrifice to the volcano god. Failing that, one hundred percent of a Feline’s free time will be doggedly dedicated to a cause they believe in, or the feisty pursuit of a creative passion such as photographing flowers. Heroic as they can be, stalking their next smorgasbord in the sub-Saharan savannas, some Lions labeled bloodthirsty by peers literally spend a shocking amount of their spare time secreted away. Glued to the piano bench, that’s her perfecting an even prettier prelude, polonaise or pavane.


Magnanimous: The generosity of a Leo partner is difficult to match. So spontaneous, she’ll hatch a pleasant surprise for colleagues at work, parties with the neighbors and send presents to faraway friends the way a chicken lays eggs. Each sunrise begs her to outdo herself once more, which she does with an equal fervor time after time. A quality that fosters fidelity from restless besties and instills devotion in the lucky spouse positioned to make her purr.

Constant: Fundamentally loyal, the Lady Lion looks for nothing less than true love. However, craving companionship in the short term, she may shack up with an eligible bachelor. Any Big Cat capable of being honest with herself, and Leos most certainly are, will be peeking over the poor schmuck’s shoulder, still seeking that soul mate she knows is somewhere. Out there. Waiting.

Connoisseur: It’s that adherence to the criteria, sticking to her standards, which guarantees our Lioness will eventually locate her love connection. Clearly the Leo ego demands a brand of enchantment that some other signs can’t even admit exists, let alone fathom. That said, at her own expense, Leo rules and is ruled by the heart. While kissing a few frogs can be conducive to finding a fiance, it’s a diversion that comes with casualties. Self-inflicted wounds are the worst kind.


Distinctive: Craving the spotlight drives this sign to misbehave a bit and reap the benefits. Without hesitation, she steps into her closet, and like Wonder Woman makes a lightning quick change before popping back out again. Eye catching ensembles seemingly build themselves around the Leo Lady who mind you, with much merriment regarding the matter, mixes funky tomfoolery with designer finery to flatter this coolest of Cats.

Back to the Mane Thing: Ultimately, female lions manage to munch and mate, apex predators that they are, and garbed in nothing but a felty pelt in a shade of caramel evolved especially for fading into the African veldt. However, what this Feline sign seeks once a week, like clockwork, is a hair high. We’re talking about a meticulously maintained crowning glory recreated with the kind of pitiless rhythm reserved by heads of state. Happy to cap that off by boozy cocktails and one doozy of a dinner date is the Leo who knows it’s never too late to nail a win-win.

Celebrated Leos include: renowned actress Helen Mirren, best-selling author J.K. Rowling, not to mention media maven and businesswoman Martha Stewart (pictured above).

Main featured image via @marthastewart48


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