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Everything You Need to Know About Capricorns

Ilsa Monique Carter navigates the Capricorn Personality & Style Profile and sees what’s in store for 2022 …

Star Child: Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

Symbol: Goat. Element: Earth. Colour: Khaki and Cocoa. Scent: Cedar and Sandalwood. Stone Strategy: Ruby, Turquoise, Garnet and Onyx. Soul Mate: Cancer. Compatible Signs: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio. Attributes: Genuine, Discerning, Engaged, Persistent, Circumspect, Conscientious.

The Goat at a Glimpse

By birth an earthy powerhouse of spectacular practicality, Capricorn could be misconstrued as uptight or pessimistic. But beneath her humble exterior beats the rumbling heart of a melancholy bumble bee.

Capricorn Qualities

Precision: What corporate climber wouldn’t be tethered to a horny Capricorn in bad weather? Bootlicking office-polititickers can’t compete with the Goat’s even-toed feet as this sign balances on the edge of a ledge. She owes her knowing glow to the absurd angle at which herd mentality dangles.

Integrity: Capricorn’s paranoid conduct is employed to avoid any smidgen of playing the pigeon. A standard to which she holds pranksters by the ankles. Measure up, pull your own weight, and be treasured behind a Goat’s incorruptible gate.

No-Nonsense attitude: What dimwits won’t admit is where the zodiac would be without Capricorn’s propensity for prioritising progress over perfection. She is born to back up from the bark, see the stark perspective of the tree, before building an ark that won’t sink in the drink.

Tenacity: Stubborn is a strong word, but the Goat plays the long game. Contrary to what you may have heard about an eager Capricorn colleague, she aims at maximum rewards with meagre fatigue. Oh, and to be a pretty high-impact party pal, with much laughter, even the morning after.

Love & Libido

Still smarting from a starter marriage, that which doesn’t martyr a Capricorn makes her mingle. Stay single. Linger longer. Nothing wrong with sticking strong to a not-so-quick master plan. Uncanny is her manner to defy social pressure – this iconoclast holds fast against enmeshed family recipes for disaster. Capricorn men are moody, clinical, broody and cynical, which is why women of the same sign will almost always skip scaling that wall, and pursue an empathetic Pisces, trust a lusty Taurus or two, one very tall Virgo with a view, or shadow striving Scorpios in stereo.

*Capricorn powerhouses include but are not limited to: Eleven Emmy Winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Grammy Awarded Singer/Songwriter Sade and Model/Fashion Designer Kate Moss.

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