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Your Horoscope: The Cancer Astrological Sign


STAR CHILD: Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Symbol: Crab. Element: Water. Color: White or Silver. Scent: Lilac and Lily. Soulmate: Capricorn. Compatible Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio. Attributes: Creative, Sensitive, Nurturing.

Cancer at a Glimpse…

Nester by nature, a Cancer can’t help committing to the ones she holds dear. Then there’d be the ones she holds a tad closer. Finally, with open arms, let us welcome the poor faithful who are just hooked on her killer cupcakes and not really worried about why. If anyone could bake us out of global warming, while discreetly neutralising all the toxic fumes between world religions and dysfunctional families, never mind consummating the peace possible, we’d be talking about The Crab.

Cohabitating with a Cancer, know you’ve got on your hands a secret sucker for nostalgia. And every now and then you may feel you’re living in a museum but shhh…she won’t suffer anyone else’s souvenirs. Because she is the curator of her own luscious life. Free of baggage, barnacles, leeches and the like.

Cancer Personality Traits

By definition, a Cancer stays in the shallows until she dives, and when she does it’s nothing less than profound. Bear in mind, deep is not necessarily the opposite of dumb. That said, a crab could be perceived as slightly defensive, but she’s only proprietary about what she considers 100% hers. Friends and family learn the hard way how to stay out of Cancer’s clutching claws.

Home girl…
Like any crustacean, those born under this sign are compulsive homebodies, obsessed with endless upgrades to their abode and dwelling in a somewhat exaggerated nostalgia for the good old days. The challenge for The Crab is to face the future with equal enthusiasm and forge ahead.

Scrambling sideways is fundamental to Cancer’s approach. In this way, without dodging the issue she achieves an advantageous perspective, sets the pace and problem solves to her own satisfaction. Old wounds heal slowly, having penetrated this sign’s particularly protective shell. One from which The Crab is rarely coaxed. So, if you succeed in arriving at the sweet meat inside, be sure you’ve earned the right to delight in every precious morsel.

This Moon-ruled brooder is capable of high-pressure systems and low. But, don’t bother being her personal meteorologist. Just let it wash over you and prepare to be blown away when she channels that sustainable energy source into something functional or an object of jaw-dropping beauty and gives it to Lucky You on your birthday.

Not willing to suffer for her art, the Cancer Woman whistles while she works, in order to finance her redecorations and countless ongoing projects. If she’s not a celebrity chef she probably should be, but the medical profession often attracts a very caring Cancer, when property markets don’t. And her well looked after patients will never guess about The Crab’s propensity to drown her sorrows in comfort food, which goes hand in hand with a negative body image difficult to overcome.

Cancer Love & Sex


Because an empathic Cancer prioritizes her relationships above all else, there’s a misguided tendency to smother intimates in motherly love. The upside is that she’s fiercer than a female hyena when defending her own.

Control freak…

Cancer rules the stomach which is why she’s happiest in the kitchen and whatever she’s whipping up for you will have an extra lovin’ spoonful of affection. This honey trap is hands on, showing off her knowledge of herbal home remedies and acupressure while your super supper simmers. There’s a fine line between cozy and co-dependent. Make it your business to monitor that boundary, because the control freak that is your favorite Crab couldn’t care less.

 Cancer Beauty & Style

This is the zodiac sign that when tarting up, borders on exhibitionism. Here’s where we can’t miss the singular fact about Cancer. She also rules over the breasts. Go ahead and lose yourself in The Crab’s plunging lacy cleavage. That’s what it’s there for. Oh, and don’t be shocked when she digs into her handbag to produce one last cupcake she saved for you and offers it to you, on your way down.


The Crab was born to rock ultrafeminine West Coast glamour and so she will. Think burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese waltzing down Grafton Street, Dublin plus strangers jostling with each other and the doorman to usher her into Brown Thomas. Destination? Lingerie Department, to spend some of her 16 million on yet another bra. That’s a lot of support. And oh so gracious, she’ll salute the adoring crowd with a kid gloved hand held to her perfectly plucked brow. Because as all pros know, even in a pandemic, the show must go on.

Cancer celebrities include ground breaking actresses Frances McDormand and Kathy Bates in the company of Nobel Prize winning Israeli chemist Ada Yonath.


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