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Everyone’s Walking The Dog! Part Eight


How are dogs – and their owners – faring in lockdown? We invited owners to share, and want you to share too … tag @theglossmag in your pictures and videos on Instagram and use the hashtag #GlossyDogs …

High-end hounds and cossetted canines are having to learn new tricks in this pesky lockdown. Not only are the legs being walked off them on a daily basis but home, usually partially deserted at given times, is a now constant whirl of activity. There are endless Zooms, round-the-clock supervision and no sneaky snoozing in the master suite.

The life of lockdown dogs is harder than it seems. Their owners’ tempers are frayed. No one is going to the office or school or gym or golf or even for a coffee; teenagers are acting out, mothers haven’t a second to themselves and men, having taken possession of prime real estate at home to WFH, have extended their dominion to rule every kitchen.

How are dogs and their owners faring in lockdown? We invited owners to share, and want you to share too … tag @theglossmag in your pictures and videos on Instagram and use the hashtag #GlossyDogs.

Pippa O’Connor Ormond and Chico

Chico, a Bichon frisé, keeps lifestyle influencer and designer Pippa O’Connor Ormond company when she works …

“Chico is a Bichon frisé and the most adorable little dog. He’s still a puppy and has his first birthday next month. We call him little lamb, not only because he’s small, white and fluffy but because he bounces like a lamb when he runs.

To be honest, Chico isn’t too keen on walking, much to my husband’s amusement. He sometimes refuses to go out and will stubbornly just sit down – he would much rather be indoors by a cosy fire. A bit like myself! Wherever I go around the house Chico follows; he especially likes sitting on my knee as I work on my laptop. Until he sees one of the boys, that is. Then I’m forgotten as Chico just adores them. They love chasing him around the kitchen island unit.

Louis, our youngest, was a little afraid of dogs until we got Chico. Now Louis will stop every dog he meets and want to have a chat or give them a pat. It’s been amazing to watch him become comfortable and confident with dogs. I can honestly say Chico has been the best addition to our family.” @pipsy_pie

See Pippa’s latest collaboration with Lucy Nagle on www.lucynagle.com

Val Forde and Ted

Cavapoo Ted ensures Val Forde, PR & Communications Director for Kildare Village, gets out and about each day…

“Our family has always had dogs. I think they really make a house a home. Growing up, we had two small King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. They are such gentle and loving dogs.

When my husband and I bought our house two years ago, the first thing we did was look for a dog. We got Ted from a lovely family in Cork. He is a Cavapoo, a cross between a Cavalier and a Poodle. It’s a great breed as the dogs are smart with a lovely temperament, and their coats don’t shed.

Ted is only one and half, so still has lots of puppy energy. I wouldn’t exactly describe him as well behaved. He has destroyed many a shoe, rug and cushion. I once made the mistake of letting him off the lead in a busy park, and he helped himself to another family’s picnic.

Fortunately, we got Ted a few months before lockdown started. He has really helped provide a routine and structure to our days. We probably wouldn’t have gone for nearly as many walks if we didn’t have him. We have also met and got to know so many more people in our neighbourhood because of him too. Most people will say hello to Ted before us and he tries to reciprocate the greeting each time.

Every morning we take him to Foam, our local coffee shop in Terenure. They know him by name now. Some days we’ll walk to Bushy Park too. It’s such an inspiring way to start the day. Ted has provided endless fun and we wouldn’t be without him.” @val_forde


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