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Do I Need To Incorporate The Kitchen Triangle In My Redesign?

The kitchen triangle has been an ergonomic design choice in kitchens since the 1940s, but is it old fashioned? These modern kitchens have made it work in their layout…

The kitchen triangle, also known as the ‘working triangle’ (or sometimes as the ‘golden triangle’), was conjured up in the 1940s with the purpose of being cost and time effective in small domestic kitchens. The idea of a kitchen triangle is that the fridge, the sink and the oven are all interlinked via a triangle – with no obstacles to interrupt to the flow. With these three main elements of the kitchen connected in a triangular shape, the idea is that the homeowner will be able to work efficiently and walk easily between these three main work stations, without obstructions.

The idea of the kitchen work triangle was originally conceived with small domestic kitchen spaces and a single cook in mind, but of course these days kitchens are far more than just a place to prepare food – they are the heart of the home and the place where families gather. The layout still works and with the hustle and bustle of family life, having a kitchen that works efficiently and that is easy to navigate definitely makes life easier. However, of course, with some modern kitchens, smaller kitchens, uniquely shaped kitchens, some open plan, galley or otherwise the kitchen triangle may not make sense.

The answer is, the triangle does not work for every kitchen layout. But don’t be afraid to use the principle as a foundation if it works in the space you have, and allow wiggle room to create the environment that works for you and your family, with consideration for what appliances and space you require. If you are planning a redesign or renovation, see how these modern kitchen designs have adopted the kitchen triangle for some inspiration…


This Neptune kitchen boasts a typical triangle layout with easy and equal access between the sink and the stove, with a bit more of a stretch to the fridge to give it that open feel.


In this kitchen the island contains the cooker and hobs, with the sink, the oven and the fridge all within easy reach, but the kitchen still has a wonderful feeling of space, with the eating area and timber breakfast bar clearly separated off to the other side.


This triangle design has been adapted to a modern kitchen with the incorporation of a large fridge, ready to store food for hosting, with a full length wine fridge included. A Siemens wine fridge is a great choice for your kitchen hosting needs, see more below.


The natural light coming from the large glass wall creates that open space that kitchen designers look for in modern kitchens. Still, the kitchen layout adheres to the working kitchen triangle idea – showing that it can still be incorporated to modern kitchen design.


This is a real family style kitchen. It has that openness and communal feeling that we seek in busy modern kitchens and is certainly ready for family style cooking. The combination of the triangle and the open plan design means that food preparation can be done as easily as possible, without obstruction, as other family members work on homework or other activities nearby.


This kitchen triangle boasts two taps – showing that the triangle (or in this case square) can still be useful in an modern open plan kitchen but you can easily adapt it to whatever your or your family needs. In this case, an extra tap was needed – be it for hosting or for letting the little sous chef lend a hand…


Even though the layout is large – the triangle has been maintained and stretched in this kitchen. The homeowners evidently wanted to keep their kitchen very open plan, but the flow of the kitchen triangle still remains.


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