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Discover This Plant-Powered Skincare Duo For Ages 50+

The answer to menopausal skin, by the French experts …

There are just two steps to super-confident skin with Clarins’ no-nonsense new Super Restorative Day & Night skincare. What’s new? This is a powerful plant-based duo tailored specifically to suit women aged 50-plus – and give them what their skin needs.

Clarins is a family-owned company that takes skin seriously. Indeed, we know of many aged 50-plus who won’t trust anyone else for their skincare; my mother-in-law, for example, is a sworn devotee of Double Serum (aren’t we all?), which we’ve also seen used by make-up artists on 20-something models, as it makes the skin really glow. And the many strong female members of the Clarins team, from stylish international training manager Denise Barthe to chic Parisienne Jenna Courtin-Clarins, practise what they preach: most fundamentally, plant power.


So can plants help us during the peri-menopausal or menopausal period? It’s a time when we can have concerns about our skin. During this stage of life, skin becomes more fragile, it loses elasticity and feels thinner; it can become fragile, with loss of density and elasticity, and might feel slacker, looser and less radiant.

Clarins Research have studied the impact of such hormonal changes on the skin for many years – nearly 20, in fact. And based on recent scientific discoveries around the fibroblasts (key active cells in our skin’s structure) and how they lose their tone and tension strength, Clarins Research reformulated the Super Restorative range accordingly.

And they’ve taken Super Restorative to a new level. The two creams are powered by an innovative and naturally effective new duo of gold-star ingredients: first, organic harungana extract, a botanical treasure that has the same exceptional power as retinol (while being better-tolerated by skin, even sensitive skin). Harungana – nature’s alternative to retinol – is all about revitalising your skin. And here it works in tandem with an exciting new natural powerhouse: organic gorse extract. Yes, gorse, that yellow-flowered plant that fills the Irish countryside with the scent of coconut. Sourced in the south of France, this extract is a star player, with specific qualities in terms of targeting skin slackening and boosting the fibroblasts’ tension power. The two complement each other to deliver maximum skin-plumping and strengthening impact.


All day, every day, new Super Restorative Day and Night Creams work together to bring out the very best in your skin. It’s all about the three R’s: replenish, recharge and revitalise. At the age of 50-plus, we don’t want to mess around with fads or frippery – we want tried-and-tested expertise based on solid research. And we want results.

In fact, 90 per cent of women who tested the Super Restorative duo said they feel more beautiful: the face looks visibly more defined and vitality restored and skin feels smoother, plumper and less lined. And 84 per cent of testers say that the Day and Night duo helps their skin regain a perfect balance for a younger-looking appearance.

Super Restorative is the ultimate ritual for ages 50+:

1 Super Restorative Day Cream minimises the effects of hormonal changes to skin, linked to menopause. And importantly it is a pleasure to use each morning, with a glorious texture, rich but weightless. There’s a choice of three: one for normal skin types, one for very dry skin and one with SPF.
2 Super Restorative Night Cream acts as a cashmere comfort blanket to help replenish your skin overnight so you wake with softer, plumper skin. There’s a version for all skin types, or one specially for very dry skin.

BEAUTY EDITOR’S TIP … For complexion perfection, we have an insider’s tip, gleaned from Clarins’ Denise Barthe (whose skin has the most incredible natural glow). Once you’ve treated and moisturised with your choice of Super Restorative Day Cream, perfect it with the EverLasting Youth Fluid Foundation (€40), to really enhance that glow. As well as illuminating and firming qualities, this bottle of silky youthifying make-up (in a spectrum of 24 shades) protects your skin with SPF15, evens skin tone and optimises luminosity (that’s down to the combination of pink pearls, pigments and soft-focus powders). Can’t get enough of this new season glow!


Give your skin the chance to preserve its youthful radiance, whatever your age. Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream, €101, and Super Restorative Night Cream, €107, are available now at counters nationwide.

Visit your local Clarins stockist for a personalised, complimentary skin consultation and sampling. 


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