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Cocktails en la Casa


Ding ding! Why, there’s the doorbell, who could it be?It’s my tipple delivery! …

The indulgence and glamour of the cocktail experience is all in the serve, sweetie. Say we, let’s leave the concoction to the server, not the consumer! What’s been missing from our quarantine Pimms, gins and whiskeys thus far is… well, someone else’s care in the presentation. Look, be honest, you – yes you, Gloss reader! – you’re no mixologist. You don’t know how to “activate mint” or “muddle basil”. You don’t own a jigger – less so, know how to use it. And, please, for the love of God, put down that shaker before you hurt someone with it.

Admit to yourself the substandard level to which your drinks tend to sink when you’re in charge, and how they worsen with each glass downed… Too much ice! Too strong! Too weird! Too cheap! Don’t worry, it’s okay. It’s a pandemic, and nobody is perfect. But Casa Cocktail Club cocktails are.

Casa Cocktail Club pulls together experimental punches and classic concoctions in their clearly curated Insta-menu for your perusal. Each €30 set contains two glass bottles, each bottle containing two cocktails. The Casa team will venture north, south and west (from Greystones to the city centre to Terenure) to appease palates far and wide. Simply shoot off an email requesting your preferred tincture, pay via Revolut, and wait for your doorbell to ring. Bon aperitif!

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