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Everything You Need to Know About Capricorns

Ilsa Monique Carter navigates Capricorn’s personality and style …

STAR CHILD: Capricorn (December 22-January19)

Symbol: Goat. Element: Earth. Colour: Earth tones. Scent: African Violet, Tobacco. Soul Mate: Cancer. Compatible Signs: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio. Attributes: Authentic, Cultivated, Hands-on, Driven, Traditional, Accountable.

Capricorn at a Glimpse…

Well-grounded, Capricorn’s approach to life makes short shrift of obstacles without deviating from long-term plans, and never loses sight of the ultimate goal. Never mind how now and then, underachievers may mistake your ruthless efficiency for a frosty demeanour.

Because you’re confident being practical and future-oriented is indeed the way forward, you’ll not hesitate to let go of someone who sees these positive characteristics as all too predictable or lacking in spontaneity. For a Capricorn, living in the moment doesn’t compare to finding that like-minded individual with whom you can ride into the sunset, bareback.

Capricorn Traits

Exacting: Rather than relying on someone else who may not meet your own impeccably high standards, entrepreneurial Capricorn is a self-starter who excels within the hierarchy by being hands-on. Alternatively, you have the wherewithal to generate funding for founding your own operation, over which you’ll proudly fly your personal flag.

Scruples: Capricorns don’t fall for fly-by-night. In fact, you’re born with an innate ability to monitor for authenticity, granting you the means to mingle with similar minds, avoid moral dilemmas and always going first class. That way, your heirs will too.

Practical: Far from shortsighted, self-sufficient Capricorn won’t suffer fools selling a series of fast and dirty fixes which will ultimately fail. Not when we all know you’re perfectly capable of boiling down any situation to the essentials and putting a permanent solution firmly in to place.

Willing to Wait: Cool as a cucumber, Capricorns won’t accept any compromises. You follow your instincts, and insist on integrity as a guiding principle in all things. As time goes on, you’ll be gratified to find that your legendary patience pays off.

Capricorn Love & Sex

Beyond Reproach: When it comes to interviewing a companion for life, Capricorns are attracted to candidates who’ve demonstrated discipline, endurance and grace under pressure. Nothing closes the deal for you like an individual rooted in old-fashioned values and who appreciates the wisdom found in traditional ways.

Focus: Messiah complexes are rare in those born Capricorn. You know what you want and you’re not about saving lost souls. Put the word out that potential partners of ill-repute need not apply.

Criteria: Successfully seeking out Mr Right requires not wasting any time with Mr Right Now, and this is something Capricorn feels at her core. You don’t drop the ball in any other area of your life, so why would you panic and settle for Mr Wrong?

Loosen Up: That said, you’re only human and so are all the suitors lining up at your door. If you’re currently single, consider giving yourself and one or more of them a reprieve from those mile-high standards of yours. As long as everyone involved knows what the score is, a casual quicky between Capricorns-with-benefits never hurt anybody.

Capricorn Beauty & Style

Flawless: As a Capricorn’s birthdays begin to blur, friends and colleagues whisper “What’s her secret?” They wonder if you’ve finally found the ever-elusive silver bullet wrinkle cream or dropped a small fortune on having work done. When they should know by now that just as you approach everything else, you possess the patience to perfect your products, tirelessly temper your techniques and always aim unflinchingly, for flawless.

Chic: For Capricorn-born fashionistas, old gold accessories are as good as brand new, but cheap and cheerful just won’t do. However, a fabulous fake dangling round your neck or nestled in a designer silk scarf over venerable tweed is something you can carry off, no questions asked.

Solid: The Capricorn closet is a dream to behold. It is a shipshape vessel whose protocol dictates that trendy flim-flam and fast fashion will not be granted permission to come aboard. Colour-coordinated earth tone uniforms sewn of palpably superb quality clarify two things to all. 1. You are the Captain, and 2. There will be no whining on the yacht.

Celebrated Capricorns Include: Country & Western Diva Dolly Parton (pictured above), American First Lady Michelle Obama and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.



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