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The Best Evening Classes to Join in January

Here are a few suggestions for the evening classes you can pursue in January 2022 to help you and your mind stay active …

Choosing a New Year’s resolution haphazardly, and then abandoning it a couple of weeks into January has become somewhat commonplace. As we approach the New Year, we must reflect on what we would like to achieve going forward. It may seem impossible, but discovering a new passion, or becoming more adventurous is as simple as taking up an evening class for a number of weeks.

Here are a few suggestions for the evening classes you can pursue in January 2022 to help you and your mind stay active.


1. Creative Writing

Creative writing isn’t exclusive to aspiring writers who are aiming to have their work published; it’s for those of us who want an outlet to release our creative thoughts. Killester College of Further Education’s creative writing course will cater towards those interested in both fiction and non-fiction writing. Across ten weeks, different aspects of writing will be covered in the interactive classes. Apply at  

Course Fee: €75
Start Date: January 25th 2022
Duration: Ten weeks 

2. Glass Staining

BLOCK T are hosting a series of Stained Glass Evening Classes with Alison Byrne, aka Wildbird Studio, over a period of four weeks. Here, you will learn the copper foiled technique of stained glass, resulting in the creation of two pieces of your own original design. As well as starting a new hobby, you will gain a deeper understanding of the process behind stained glass, and its place in modern Ireland. Apply through 

Course Fee: €245
Start Date: January 20th 2022
Duration: Four weeks 

3. Calligraphy 

Calligraphy is a beautiful, often overlooked, art form. Noeleen Frain, with the Association of Irish Calligraphers is offering a ten-week course, An Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy. The course will be online and made up of 15 video presentations and eight written modules which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. You will receive constructive criticism via email as you submit your work. To apply for the course, or for more information, you can contact Noeleen at [email protected]. 

Course Fee: €120 
Start Date: January 26th 2022 
Duration: Ten weeks 

4. Pottery

Pottery is the perfect evening class to take to wind down from a hectic day. Palmerstown Community School’s pottery class is available to both beginners and improvers. Over the course of ten weeks, every Tuesday from 7pm until 9pm, you will learn hand-building techniques and how to throw pots on a potter’s wheel. At the end of your pottery endeavours, you will be awarded with a certificate. Register online at 

Course Fee: €180
Start Date: January 25th 2022 
Duration: Ten weeks 


1. Skiing

The Ski Club of Ireland provides classes and training facilities for all standards of skier. Based in Kilternan, Dublin, their dry slopes rank amongst some of the best in Europe. There are four lessons in the beginner series that focus on helping you control your speed, stop, complete basic turns, and use a ski lift. You can opt to complete the lessons at any date and time convenient to you. Apply online at

Course Fee: €55 per lesson

2. Aerial Acrobatics

Dublin-based company, Taking Flight, will have you living your Cirque du Soleil fantasies. Their Tuesday classes are beginner-friendly, focusing on improving core and upper body strength, as well as overall flexibility. You can choose to book multiple-session bundles, such as a 15-session bundle for €315, or you can opt to try the class on a one session basis. There is no rigid start date, so whenever you’re ready to take the leap, apply through the Customer Area of 

3. Indoor Rock Climbing 

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned rock climber, Awesome Walls Dublin provides a safe environment and expert tuition for you to develop your rock-climbing hobby. Members of Awesome Walls can take the Beginner Boulder Coaching class every Thursday evening between 7pm and 9pm. The climbing routes on the walls are changed regularly to keep things interesting and increase the challenge. Apply online at 

Course Fee: Membership of €60 per month, classes thereafter are €12.

4. Pole Dancing

Ignore the misconceptions about pole dancing; it improves your strength and flexibility, as well as being beneficial for your cardiovascular health. The Irish Pole Dance Academy’s Introduction to Pole Dance class is for absolute beginners to have fun and reap the benefits of pole dancing in a safe, non-judgemental class environment. The class comprises of six one-hour sessions over six consecutive weeks, where you will learn basic spins, climbs, and poses. Apply online at 

Course Fee: €139 
Start Date: Choose between Monday, January 3rd 2022, and Wednesday January 5th 2022. 
Duration: Six weeks 



The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) is recognised globally as entry level for computer literacy. Kilroy’s College offers an online ECDL course that you can complete at your own pace over a period of twelve months. The course covers material including spreadsheets and IT security, and you can arrange to take the certification tests for each module remotely. You can enrol for the course at any time at 

Course Fee: €245
Duration: Upon enrolment, you will have access to the course for twelve months. 

2 Photography

Whether you want to capture lasting memories, or relish the beauty of nature, photography is a purposeful skill to have. The Dublin Camera Club’s Introduction to Photography course is suitable for both absolute beginners and people with basic photographic knowledge. The online classes will be delivered by experienced members of the club every Wednesday from 7.30pm until 9pm. You will be assigned a member as a mentor to discuss any issues and provide feedback on your work. Apply for this course at 

Course Fee: €120
Start Date: January 26th 2022, every Wednesday at 7.30pm until 9pm
Duration: Nine weeks 

3 Vegetable Gardening

What better way to become self-sufficient than by growing your own vegetable garden? Sustainable garden designer, Sally Nex, offers an online course: Self-Sufficient Veg Gardening, that will take you right through the growing year. Throughout the course you will submit four assignments and receive personalised assignment feedback and coaching. By the end of the course, you will have become a confident vegetable gardener and will be awarded with a certificate. You can start the course whenever is convenient to you. Apply online at

Course Fee: €145
Duration: Four weeks

4 Languages

Amongst a plethora of reasons why learning languages is beneficial, languages can open doors for you. Widely spoken, European languages will be favourable in your travel endeavours and are typically easier to learn than other foreign languages. Alliance Française offers an online course: General French: Beginner A1.1, where you will learn the basics of the French language, through to vocabulary and grammar. Register online at 

Course Fee: €205
Start Date: January 31st 2022
Duration: Eight weeks 


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