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Bedside Table: What is Matt Cooper Reading?

Matt Cooper, broadcaster and journalist, shares five books he’s reading now …

Biographies have become my favourite type of book in recent years and the one I’m enjoying greatly at present is The Contrarian, Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit of Power, by Max Chafkin. It’s not exactly complimentary or impartial, but it’s clearly very well researched, particularly about Thiel’s early life. Thiel, although successful, is not a likeable person.

I’m also enjoying a sporting autobiography by former Ulster and Ireland rugby star Willie Anderson. I’ve known Willie for years, if not well, but the book is very real and mature and convincing, as well as extremely interesting.

One of my favourite writers is George Packer and his latest book Last Best Hope, America in Crisis and Renewal, is next up on my list to enjoy.

I don’t read much fiction these days, to my shame, having gorged on it as a teenager and young adult. I read Sally Rooney’s Normal People recently so I could interview people about her new book with some background knowledge, and I loved it.

I’m trying Bewilderment by Richard Powers at present and while it is beautifully written I’m not smitten yet. I will stick with it a bit longer.


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