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Beauty Essentials to Pack For Bank Holiday Getaways

When you’re limited to a mean plastic bag of liquids, packing skills are paramount. Here’s what a beauty editor is packing for upcoming trips … 

What do you always take with you when you go? I aspire to Patti Smith’s attitude – a few T-shirts, a camera and not much else; in M Train, she writes: “My great quandary was what coat to wear and which books to bring.” But it’s hard to be that minimalist.

When you’re limited to a mean plastic bag of liquids, packing skills are paramount. Decanting is the way forward – Trinny London’s small pots are handy; or refill (and label) any mini sample pots you have knocking around. Versatile items such as Luna Airbrush (a primer, highlighter and skin tint), and Chanel Red Camellia lip and cheek balm, are ideal. I also take a powder compact with mirror – currently Clarins’ Skin Illusion Velvet mattifying powder (€36). I tend to panic-pack lip balm, for some reason (Aliso’s organic minty one is a favourite, €12.95). And I feel it’s worth taking a little pot of Garnier’s leave-in conditioner (hotel conditioner is often rubbish) and the Vitamin C 2-in-1 Serum Cream SPF25 is a decent multitasker, too. This might all sound efficient – I should also mention the eight extra lipsticks I always seem to throw in at the end …

As for a bag to put it all in, it’s not easy to find one that’s both practical and beautiful: Drunk Elephant do good starter kits (€47), and I covet a colourful Ultra Violette SPF kit, though it’s not cheap (€66.70, SpaceNK). Clear cosmetic bags (from €4.99 at are as good as any. I recommend the Hunter bag by sustainable US brand Dagne Dover, at; I love its light, tough neoprene fabric and chunky zips.

What to take with you:

HEAVEN 17 Eighties beauty-lovers rejoice: Boots 17 is back. The bargain beauty line starts from €4.99 – good reason to chuck a High Shine Lip Crayon or two (in eight shades) into your bag. In stores and online at

NEW GEN BEAUTY Impressing its way into our travel make-up bags this month is GenSee, a bright young female-owned brand offering make-up that’s certified cruelty-free, ethical and made in Italy. The punchy lipstick in Selma (€22) is as good as mattes that cost twice as much. And little tubes of Lip & Cheek cream (€20) are ideal multitaskers to travel with. Love the (sustainable, recycled) packaging too. Free shipping over €20, and no fees. 

ONE STOP SKINCARE It’s common to sleep badly on your first night away from home, so sleep-enhancers earn a place in your case, whether lavender oil, restful bath salts (try Dublin Herbalists’ mix, €19.95, online and at Avoca), or Dr Bronner’s lavender soap (€6.95); tuck it into your bag beside your pyjamas.

ON HAND L’Occitane’s apricot-scented Solidarity Hand Cream is a perfect travel size (€10.50). All profits are donated to UNICEF, to support Vitamin A programmes, fighting preventable blindness worldwide. And we are still taking hand sanitiser; Bumbóg’s, with lavender and rosemary essential oils, makes this a pleasure. €26;


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