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Artistic License: Rebekah Mooney

Meet the Belfast-based artist whose debut exhibition is at London’s Catto Gallery …


 Where and how do you work?

I am currently based in Belfast, and have been since March 2020. I work from home in my own studio. I try to paint from life, with a still life composition set up in front of me. I feel this contributes to my study of light, composition, and how the objects interact with each other.

Your flawless work shows influences from Dutch masters …

When I initially started painting, during my school years, I was attracted to styles and techniques used by the Dutch masters. I am constantly observing objects and how they are affected by surrounding influences, and I am fascinated with how both form and colour are enhanced through lighting, reflection, and refraction. This fascination continues outside of the studio. My work evolves by including and juxtaposing often mundane objects from supermarkets, shops and advertisements.

What is the inspiration for your current exhibition?

While working towards this exhibition I wanted to convey labels and brands recognised in present day by using traditional styles and techniques. I tried to evoke a sense of timelessness by using objects that are man-made and often insoluble, surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetables that are observed using more traditional methods of light and dark. I also wanted to convey this idea through the overall look of each painting – by focusing on a realistic view of the still life with the black and white background, and using thick paint and free flowing marks along the bottom half.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

There are many things I enjoy about painting, and I am always very grateful to have the opportunity to pursue it on a full time basis. I think what I love most about painting is that it is ever changing and there is always room for progression or evolvement.

Need to Know: Rebekah Mooney’s exhibition at the Catto Gallery, 100 Heath Street, London runs until November 28;

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