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Artistic License: Maura Culbert

This is how Sex and the City inspired Dublin artist Maura Culbert to change direction creatively…

‘You’re Still You’ by Maura Culbert

How did you start your artistic journey? Do you work full time as an artist?

I began my journey in the art and design world two decades ago. My initial introduction to art was through interior design. While studying design I discovered my love for painting and drawing which led me to complete a BA Hons degree in Fine Art. I am delighted to say I now work as a full time artist.

‘From One Carrie To Another’ by Maura Culbert

Your latest exhibition is dedicated to Sex and the City. What makes the series such good inspiration?

My son Luke and I have great memories watching Sex and the City together. The inspiration really came from Luke, when we heard there was a new series about to come out called And Just Like That. Luke suggested to do a painting inspired by Carrie’s closet and of course her famous tutu. I loved the idea, and as a result, I discovered my love for painting clothes and textiles. The series of paintings was a complete change from my previous works which were mainly seascapes. What started with one painting continued to another and another until there were six. As an artist, it was exciting and fun working with Luke; he was my best critic and I appreciate his knowledge and attention to detail.

‘I’ve Only Worn Her Twice’ by Maura Culbert

We hear you are taking the exhibition to New York …

We decided to do a series of limited edition prints which went live on my website a couple of hours before the first episode of And Just Like That was aired. We could not have anticipated the overwhelming reaction from people – within hours we had sales from everywhere around the world, but mainly from America and in particular New York. I am currently organising an exhibition in the city, details to be announced anon.

‘Caroline’ by Maura Culbert

Where will the paintings be on display in Ireland?

Until now I haven’t exhibited the paintings in a gallery which is why I’m so excited to announce that the Open Window Gallery in Rathmines, Dublin are reopening their doors on March 22 following major renovations. To celebrate re-opening, the gallery will have an exhibition featuring the collection.

‘Something Blue’ by Maura Culbert

Need to Know: To see Maura Culbert’s work visit The Open Window Gallery, 205 Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines, Dublin 6. The Sex and the City-inspired prints cost from €60-€195 at


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