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Artistic License: Luana Asiata


Originally from New Zealand, award-winning artist Luana Asiata draws comparisons between her home and Ireland in her latest exhibition “Bold Impressions” … 

Luana Asiata is an award-winning artist from New Zealand. Luana currently lives in London with her husband and two children. Her latest exhibition, “Bold Impressions” is inspired by the Irish landscape in her husband’s hometown of Dungarvan, Waterford. “Year after year, we find solace and joy in returning to Dungarvan, immersing ourselves in the embrace of family and the serene beauty of the outdoors,” explains Luana. Working on large scale canvases, she creates bold original artwork in an abstract expressionist style, with her background in graphic design and surface pattern design informing her unique compositions and bold use of colour. We spoke to Luana to get an insight into her work, life and inspirations …

What is the inspiration for your new exhibition “Bold Impressions”?

I’ve always found inspiration in the simple, organic shapes that nature effortlessly weaves into the landscape and I’m spoilt for choice with places like Dungarvan, Helvick, and the Copper Coast. They hold a profound significance, acting as both muse but also memory.

Ireland is similar to my native New Zealand, in landscape and community spirit, and it always feels like I’m back home. Dungarvan, in particular, stands as a beacon of personal connection. Rooted in the history of my husband’s family, it is not merely a geographical location but a place that resonates with familial ties and cherished moments. Year after year, we find solace and joy in returning to Dungarvan, immersing ourselves in the embrace of family and the serene beauty of the outdoors. This exhibition for me is a celebration of life, colour and energy.

How do you describe your work?

My paintings are an explosion of colour and gestural marks that strike a balance between landscape and abstract. I’m continually reimagining the world in my abstract interpretations, translating what I see into simple shapes, colours, and patterns. I love music and always have the radio playing in my studio so this feeds into the physicality of how I paint.

I work on large scale canvases on the floor, and I tend to move around a lot, dancing and splashing paint about. I like the rhythm and pace this translates into my work; it makes for a dynamic composition.

What do you hope visitors will gain from your work?

This is a visual journey through the magnificent Irish landscape. It is bold and captivating. However, I hope it can create a deeper connection. My aim is to spark personal intrigue and inspire others to explore their own emotional landscapes but also find a fullness and comfort in the universal journey of healing and self-discovery.

Ultimately, these new compositions explore the connection between natural environments, the spirit of family, and land in an intuitive abstract expressive style.

Need to Know: Luana Asiata’s exhibition “Bold Impressions” runs until May 31 at The Old Bank, Dungarvan, Co Waterford. To find out more about Luana’s work visit


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