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Artistic License: Diana Heffron

Abstract artistic Diana Heffron describes how she rediscovered painting and her uniquely peaceful process…

Who or what kickstarted your interest in art?

I have always loved art and enjoyed painting, and as my children have grown up and obviously during Covid, I had even more time to paint. It was my friend Collette Ward, the interior designer, who gave me the push to do more. She arrived at my makeshift studio in the guest room one Tuesday and took two paintings with her. She told me she was going to get me some feedback from clients visiting her showroom that week. She called me the following Saturday and told me to get painting, she had sold them both!

How do you define your work and how has it evolved?

My work is abstract. It is very personal to me, it’s an expression of my emotions and driven by my feelings at the time of the work. My use of colour and texture has evolved from being mostly strong statement colours, to include more earthy and neutral tones. This has altered the movement and mood in my work. 

Where and how do you work?

I love to work in my studio, particularly on larger pieces. My studio is in part of a converted courtyard at Rhone Hill in Co Tyrone. I’m also happy at my desk in the guest room in Dublin, overlooking the skyline of the terrace houses behind me. At present I’m working on creating a body of work for a small exhibition this autumn. I’m not putting myself under any time pressure or any pressure at all!

What do you like most about what you do?

I love the peace and the solitude of painting. I get totally lost in my work, in the process. I am completely present and in the moment, consumed by what I’m creating. There’s nothing else like it.

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