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2 months ago

Are You Taking Vitamin D? Here’s Why You Should


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What do you keep on your desk? Along with face mists, eye cream and a fair few lip balms, I currently have a little spray bottle of Neutrient D3+K2. If we’ve learnt one thing this year, it’s the importance of taking a daily vitamin D supplement. The pandemic spurred research into the role that vitamin D plays in immune defence, and scientists now have a much deeper understanding of how it supports and influences our immune cells and their unique functions. And recent research indicates that vitamin D may play a key role in the way the body fights respiratory tract infections, by making it harder for viruses to flourish and helping balance inflammation.

A deficiency of vitamin D can lead to you being more vulnerable to infection. And lots of factors can affect your vitamin D levels, from your age and weight to your diet (since it’s found in oily fish, milk and yoghurt, vegans and vegetarians can be at risk of deficiency). In fact 20 per cent of the population in Northern Europe is deficient in vitamin D, and in other parts of Europe this rises to between 30 and 60 per cent.

So more of us are now incorporating a vitamin D supplement into our daily routine. But vitamin D is hard to absorb, which means that tablets and capsules may not be the most effective means. An oral spray, however, heads straight into the bloodstream so you’re getting maximised absorption. The vegan Neutrient D3+K2 delivers an active form of vitamin D, and provides your daily requirement in one simple spray.

The summer lift of vitamin C

The other key vitamin to consider taking every day at this time of year is vitamin C. We know it helps to support our immune system; in this way it can help with allergies such as hayfever. And a good vitamin C product is a vital part of your outdoor summer arsenal in terms of naturally glowing skin, too, as it helps to reduce the impact of summer sun. Collagen levels are key when it comes to skin hydration, elasticity and radiance – and vitamin C plays a key role in supporting normal collagen formation.

Liposomal forms of vitamin C are considered to be the best in terms of absorption rates and efficacy. “Liposomal encapsulation is a cutting-edge technology that helps to enhance the absorption and efficiency of supplements,” says nutritional therapist Jackie Newson. Altrient Vitamin C is made with a patented process to encapsulate vitamin C in liposomes for maximised absorption. It is a quick and easy way to take a supplement, and gentle on the stomach. And the results speak for themselves: in a double-blind placebo controlled recent clinical study, subjects took three sachets of liposomal Altrient C for 16 weeks – and saw a 40 per cent increase in elasticity and firmness in just eight weeks, and more than 61 per cent increase in elasticity and firmness within 16 weeks.

Your summer immune duo: from C to D

We all want to ensure that we have immune resilience throughout 2021 and beyond. And both vitamins D and C play important roles in supporting normal immune function. These nutrients work in unique ways, from supporting your body’s first line of defence to helping to balance its inflammatory response and protect cells from oxidative stress. Starting your day with an oral spray of Neutrient D3+ K2 and a sachet of liposomal Altrient C is an easy way to top up these summer health heroes. 

The one-stop wellbeing and beauty shop

Discover this power duo at Abundance & Health, a family-run company – with head offices here in Ireland – specialising in delivering high-performance healthy solutions to more than 20 European countries. Abundance & Health are official distributors of Altrient Liposomal Food Supplements and Neutrient Food Supplements cutting-edge, patented Altrient Liposomal supplements – and watch this space for plenty more exciting launches to come this year …

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