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All You Need Is #BigLove


#BigLove is the optimistic MINI attitude to life, open to all, no driver’s license needed …

Ever since the brand was born in 1959, MINI has been all about doing more with less, and finding the most creative ways to use space. In addition, MINI has always seen the beauty in individuality and the potential in new perspectives, promoting new ways of thinking and connecting people. Enter its #BIGLove initiative which is so much more than paying lip service to corporate citizenship and sustainability; it’s a desire to do more as a brand for the local community. In short #BIGLove is MINI’s way of showing how two small words can (and do) inspire action.

Some of the ways #BIGLove reveals itself is by MINI partnering with several local charities, such as Grow Mental Health, one of Ireland’s longest-standing mental health charities. The company supports groups in local communities through a 12-Step Recovery and Growth programme. The overarching aim is to ensure that anyone struggling with mental health challenges does not have to navigate those challenges alone.

Last year, on Valentine’s Day, MINI delivered 300 red red roses to the charity’s volunteers, coaches and facilitators. These “thank you” roses acknowledged the time, energy and expertise these volunteers give to those suffering mental health challenges. This year the charity with the support of MINI is hosting a concert on February 10 at Bewley’s Cafe on Grafton Street from 2pm-9pm, when MINI will be providing small gestures of kindness to people who support the event.

Co Meath native Mark Donnelly is founder of HUH Clothing, which stands for “How’s Ur Head”, set up in 2019 as a social enterprise to provide stylish clothing, while also raising awareness and money for mental health. To date, HUH Clothing has donated over €36,000 to charities. Mark has also been busy initiating “Random Acts of Kindness” which includes branded items from both companies presented in a gift box. The idea behind it is to stop people in their tracks on their daily commute when they come across the boxes.

Another MINI initiative is with conservation charity Earthwatch Europe and the launch of the first Irish “Tiny Forest”, programme at Tolka River Project, Co Dublin. The aim of this partnership is to raise awareness for local environmental projects and strengthen community bonds.

Like the all-electric MINI, “Tiny Forests” are remarkable due to their enormous efficiency in a small spaces: 600 indigenous trees, from alders to silver birch hawthorn to gorse, have been planted on an area the size of a tennis court and allowed to grow in a completely natural way. The result: up to 30 per cent more density, and up to ten times faster growth. This, in turn, will attract more than 500 animal and plant species over the next three years and transform the “Tiny Forest” into an accessible mini-ecosystem.

Over the coming years, Earthwatch will collect data in the “Tiny Forest” in order to learn more about carbon absorption, thermal comfort, biodiversity, and the social benefits of such green spaces in an urban area. MINI is planning to launch a second “Tiny Forest” this year.

MINI has also partnered with Dogs Trust, and is helping to raise funds for the charity during the #BigLove month. Did you know MINI retailers are working with Dogs Trust canine behaviour experts to educate consumers on best practice for happy dog car journeys? MINI stocks a range of dog travel products which includes a dog guard and rear compartment mat, everything MINI owners need to ensure their dog is safe, comfortable, and content in their vehicle. So, whether your family includes a Toy Poodle, a Labrador, or a Maltese crossbreed, MINI can ensure life is as bright from the boot as it is from behind the wheel! The generous boot space of the MINI Countryman, the convenient split rear doors of the MINI Clubman, ease of access, smooth handling, high quality interiors and the new dog pack, mean that every pooch can be matched with its perfect MINI partner.

This year also marks a new era for the brand as a new generation of cars arrive in Ireland including the fully electric MINI Hatch and Countryman.

These are just some of the ways MINI we are showing #BIGLove. To find out more about MINI’s #BIGLove mission and their partnerships, visit


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