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Alexa Chung in this Vampire’s Wife Dress is Our October 22 Inspo

With October 22 just around the corner, knowing what to wear when restrictions lift and nightlife reopens can be a little initmidating. We’ll be taking our style notes from Alexa Chung in this fairytale dress …

Oh, to have a portion of Alexa Chung’s wardrobe. It’s a sentiment we’ve long considered after spending the better part of two decades fawning over her classic English countryside meets rock-and-roll persona. (Perhaps by the time the style savant starts a Depop, we will finally have gotten around to setting up an account.)

And, maybe it’s the lure of October 22 bubbling away on the horizon, but lately our thoughts have been turning to glamour of all kinds; old school glamour, rock and roll glamour, disco glamour: perhaps a mix of all of the above. 

So, while we haven’t exactly figured out what after-dark essentials we’ll be calling on when nightlife reopens, we’re easily led by something sparkly. This elegant dress by The Vampire’s Wife that Chung wore to a Nick Cave concert at the Royal Albert Hall last week is a distinct case in point. 

The gown is the Sky Rocket dress by The Vampire’s Wife; shop it hereArtfully paired with a lightweight mac in egg-yolk yellow and a pearl-embellished clutch, it’s quintessential Alexa Chung style and just the right amount of high-low dressing we’ve come to know and love from the British designer and creative.

But this is no paparazzi snap; rather Chung’s night on the tiles was all part of a chic promo event for the brand. Founder Susie Cave (wife of chanteur, Nick) gathered the elite of the British style scene for a glitzy night where fellow attendees included actress Helena Bonham Carter, songstress Florence Welch, poet and model Greta Bellamacina and nineties supermodel Kirsten McMenamy. (All decked out in sumptuous Vampire’s Wife gowns, naturally.)

We’d pay money to see the pitstop for chips on the way home …

Main image by Cole Quirke


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