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A Tomato And Bean Salad That’s Perfect For Summer

Simple steps used on everyday ingredients make a huge difference in flavour. You will be serving this dish at all of your summer lunches…


This is a perfect example of how a simple technique can make a huge difference in flavour. In summer I find it hard to not eat a tomato for every meal and when they are at their best, eating them in a simple way like this is my favourite. I’ve added beans to the tomato as it’s a great side to an everyday summer meal, but you can just use this technique for a plain tomato salad by discarding the beans. @kittycoles

For 2-3

2-3 large, good quality tomatoes
salt and pepper
2-3 tbsps of good quality extra virgin olive oil
a small handful of freshly chopped parsley
1 jar of cannellini beans (or butter beans)

1. Before we even get started, make sure your tomato is at room temperature. This is vital for the flavours so if it’s just come out of the fridge, let it sit out for a while.
2. Chop your tomatoes into any shape or size that is your preference then place into a sieve over a bowl with a generous pinch of salt. The salt is going to play a key part in your final dish and this step is where the flavour comes.
3. Give the tomatoes a good toss then set aside to rest for 20-30 minutes…

4. When you return to the bowl, you’ll see that there is now a pool of tomatoey liquid. This is the water that’s been drawn out of the tomato by the salt and has enhanced the flavours.
5. Add in the olive oil, vinegar and black pepper to the tomato juices to create a dressing which we will now use.
6. Add the drained beans into the tomatoes with the parsley and as much of the dressing as you want. Give it another toss so everything is coated then taste for seasoning and add more salt if needed.
7. And just like that, your tomatoes will taste richer, more flavourful and will have produced a delicious dressing too.
8. I love this salad just like this or finished with a pile of good quality jarred or tinned tuna and capers.
9. Either way, I hope this will unlock all sorts of potential for those tomatoes in your bowl and you’ll never look back.


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