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A Furniture Feature Film: The Most Iconic Pieces in Roche Bobois’ New Ad

From the adorable and Instagrammable Bubble chair to the unique and eco-conscious Legend Bookcase … Roche Bobois’ most well-known pieces sparkle in new short film

Roche Bobois’ new short film, directed by photographer and director Dean Alexander, features a selection of the most identifiable and iconic Roche Bobois designs presented on a carousel in a typical Parisian garden, in a crisp and light setting. Watch the film here.

Chic, unique and utterly French – Roche Bobois’ film and new collection both show off the brand’s playful approach to luxurious interior design. The furniture designer is known for setting trends with new and emotive styles, and for showcasing bold talent such as Sacha Lakic, Fabrice Berrux, Christophe Delcourt and Marcel Wanders. And such talent creates pieces that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Think of the Bubble Chair and Sofa, the Aqua Dining Table, the Astrea Armchair…

The products by these designers whizz around on the wonderful Roche Bobois carousel, accompanied by prancing, flirting lovers. Talk about joie de vivre!

For your Francophilian interiors wishlists: here are the designs featured in the film…

1. The Bubble Chair (and Bubble Sofa)

Bubble, now an iconic piece in the Roche Bobois collection, represents a perfect equilibrium between design, innovation, function, and emotion.

Created by Sacha Lakic, a designer with a passion for cutting-edge technology, the Bubble model evokes images of a basket of balloons – irresistibly attractive. You cannot help but want to leap into its cosy hold!

Taut and rounded and entirely handmade, it is available in several different colours along with a matching ottoman. Its creation required the development of a unique fabric, the distinctive feature of which is its ability to be stretched in three directions.

2. The Legend Bookcase

With the Legend Bookcase, Christophe Delcourt created a piece that is simultaneously inspired by and respectful of nature. Made entirely of solid wood and with an eco-conceived ethos, each piece is unique and preserves all of the natural characteristics of the tree from which it is made. This product was officially identified as eco-designed by Roche Bobois’ qualitative assessment tool, and has been positively evaluated according to eight criteria corresponding to each stage of its life cycle Technological institute.

3. The Aqua Dining Table

Fabrice Berrux’s designs play skilfully with volume, mass and materials. The deceptively simple shape of the Aqua table hides the incredible craftsmanship that is used to achieve the impressive challenge of designer Berrux – creating a marble base shaped like a drop.

With the white Carrara or black Marquina marble bases, Aqua can either be monochrome with a colour coordinated Fénix®-coated top, or contrasting with a black or white top. The Bardiglio grey version is monochromatic but plays on the beautiful warm grey tones of this unique marble.

The Aqua dining table is composed of a monolithic base carved from a single block of Carrara marble. (You can see exactly how an Aqua Dining Table is made in this Youtube video.) Upon this pure and fluid form is placed a matte tabletop, serving to contrast with the sheen of the marble. The Aqua Dining table base is from quarrying the rough block of marble goes through the carving process to polishing the final form.

In Aqua, the designer’s inspiration and the work of expert craftspeople come together to form a grand and evocative collection with timeless appeal.

4. The Chess Occasional Table

The Globe Trotter collection was designed by Marcel Wanders. It was inspired by legendary adventurers and explorers who traveled the world to collect rare objects and discover new cultures. It showcases Marcel Wanders’ characteristic openness, freedom and inspiration.

Drawing inspiration from an oriental chess pawn, the Chess occasional table and pedestal are made of resin with matte, glossy or coloured chrome-plated finishes.

To peruse or pursue these beautiful pieces, and to discover the rest of the Roche Bobois Collection, visit the Roche Bobois Dublin showroom or website; www.roche-bobois.com/en-IE/.

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